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Select character

mt3mt3 Member Posts: 10
For some reason when I try to click on Kivan I only get the Windows pointer instead of the little hand. Basically, I can no longer choose him, which means I can't get into his inventory or control him at all. Anyone else see this?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,741
    you can use hotkeys to select characters and go into inventory screens, if you press the "I" key on the keyboard that will bring you to the inventory screen of the selected character ( starting from the top if multiple are selected )

    you can also press the number keys to select a character depending on their order

    so for example: if kivan is in slot 6, you can press the "6" key on the keyboard and it will select kivan

    now with that said, are you running mods in your game?

    also, there might be a windows application open that wants you to select it while BG is open and hence the reason why the windows icon is showing up, if that happens again, minimize BG and see if there are any random windows open

    sometimes when you try and play multiplayer the windows firewall will pop up asking if BG is safe or some jargon like that, so then you just click yes, and it shouldn't bother you again

  • mt3mt3 Member Posts: 10
    Not running mods. It was only the 6th slot that I have seen this happen. It went away for a bit but not it's back today. Grr...

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,564
    @mt3, this problem has come up previously. It seems to be a Windows notification problem. Have a look here, which gives you a link on how to turn the notification off.

    The other suggestion is that if you run the game through Steam, then make sure you have minimised the Steam window.

    Alt-Tabbing seems to help initially (bringing the focus back to BG and allowing you to access the character) but I don't think that it will 'fix' the problem.

    Hope these help

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