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Archer Longow Mastery Attacks per Round Cap?


New player here although I've read a lot about the mechanics of the game and I feel I have a good understanding. One thing I can not explain though is this:

I'm playing an archer right now with 3 points in Longbow Mastery and my APR is 5/2, which I don't understand why. I would expect it to be 3, since Longbows start with 2 APR, i get an extra 1/2 for the second point so 5/2 and an extra 1/2 from the third so I would expect to have 6/2=3 APR.

What's even worse is that when i level up and take the fourth point the APR still stays at 5/2, instead of going to 7/2. I can see the modifier in damage from the mastery.

I'm using a composite longbow (maybe that's what causing the problem?) Can somebody please explain? Is there a hidden cap or something?


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