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BG:EE Dorn bug / Kryll quest, stuck in dialogue mode when entering quest area

ArdentArdent Member Posts: 19
So, I have started the Kryll part of Dorn's quest which sends me to the mountain area east of the Nashkel mines. When entering the area you get attacked by some skeletons and Dorn seems to try to initiate dialogue afterwards but doesn't. Instead he is stuck in dialogue mode without actually starting any dialogue.

I have seen this workaround for the problem:
When I do this, Dorn gets out of dialogue mode but the quest doesn't progress – Kryll is not where she is supposed to be and there is no further dialogue with Dorn.

I have searched for the better part of an hour for a solution on the forums with no luck so far. :(
I'm running BG Steam v2.5.17.0 on a Mojave Mac.
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. :3


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