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Irenicus dungeon genie

Can someone explain why the genie tells you that you are a coward if you are not going to press the button?

I don't understand how he thinks you are "good" if you press it.


  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 954
    Ah, I don't know why, I think I misread the question. I thought that if the sibling pressed the button and charname didn't , the sibling would have lived.

    Thank you.

  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 1,864
    edited October 9
    Basically, unless someone sacrifices him- or herself you all die. It is a stupid riddle that only gives the best option for characters with a death wish. It has nothing to do with bravery or alignment.

    It also makes no statement on how close you are to your sibling. Suppose the sibling in question is one of the evil bhaalspawn, then you would likely do better to not press anything; then again they likely won't so you die anyway, but still. It only works out if you know your sibling is in your eyes good/worth saving and know who it is, and they don't know who you are and are in conflict on what to do or believe you are bad to their point of view.

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 4,990
    Pushing the button = Active
    Not pushing = Passive

    My Charname always goes for the eyes!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,825
    Charname does not have to press or not a button, he has to give an answer.
    Answer that does not affect the life of a sibling that is not really there, only the opinion about you the genie has.
    It is quite obvious that to press the button is the answer that more pleases the genie, and there is no meta gaming in it.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,562
    @lroumen That's a very lawful evil justification. Risking your life to save another's is one of the biggest acts of good one can do according to many different systems of morality.

  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 1,864
    edited October 9
    It is not risking your life if you are certain to die. At least the prisoners dilemma had the risk your life option.
    Note that there is absolutely no neutral response to this. How do you think they would act here?

    I will not deny supposed evil tendencies. I'd rather call it self preservation. I'm not good to anyone dead.

  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 543
    As far as my PC is concerned, the only sibling I know of at the time is Sarevok. So am I gonna press the button? No frigging way. Just spent months trying to kill the sod.

    "I refuse to answer the question"

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