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[MOD] Black Raven Monk Kit

OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,797
Here's a new monk kit with a very unique theme. A monk with this kit is part of the Black Raven order (as seen in Icewind Dale 2), whose main goal is to fight slavery. A Black Raven Monk gains permanent bonuses for each person they free from slavery or unjust, unlawful imprisonment. The mod takes into account events in BG1, SOD, BG2, TOB, and IWD, all of which have quite a few slaves to free.

Full kit description:
BLACK RAVEN MONK: The Black Raven order was founded by Valas the Black Raven, a half-drow formerly enslaved in the Underdark. Using his legendary martial arts skills, he escaped slavery and fought his way to the surface world. Monks who follow the Black Raven's example have a central goal: to fight against slavery. Their power depends on how successfully they follow this goal.

- The Black Raven Monk gains +2 Maximum Hit Points permanently each time he or she frees a person from slavery or unjust, unlawful imprisonment. Freeing multiple people at once can give him or her up to +10 Hit Points for a group of five or more people.

- Does not gain any innate magic resistance.





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