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Contest: Gotta Scalp 'Em All



  • PingwinPingwin Member Posts: 259
    Haha, same here. Or at least I get some key party members killed at a point where it becomes difficult to replace them and then I give up and start again.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    in the iron throne there is a guy who holds a bandit scalp on level 2 in chapter 7 i believe

    in the elf song tavern, the ruffians hold a bandit scalp each

    at the end of the catacombs in chapter 6 the last dude you talk to ( before exiting just outside beside the candlekeep walls ) there is a guy looking for Prat and he holds a scalp as well
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    I'm on another run and this time I have remembered to call on Officer Vai:

    My last run came to a sorry end. I really thought I was going to go the whole way. Everything was going so well. I was in Chapter 7. I had survived Werewolf Island; I had defeated the Demon Knight in Durlag's Tower and so I headed for Ulgoth's Beard where . . .
    I promptly got backstabbed by a hidden cult assassin.
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    I have just cleared the Bandit Camp on my latest run. 89 scalps so far. I'm hoping to break the one hundred mark this time.

  • seloconselocon Member Posts: 9
    Not gonna participate. In one run I had every inventory slot of every character PACKED with those things. I legit just needed the gold for a magic item, so I was sleeping in Larswood and it would constantly wake me by monsters. Again, 6 characters, full stacks of scalps, maxxed them out before VERRRRRRRRY slowly hauling my butt back to Beragost.
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,868
    Pingwin wrote: »
    Maybe the bandits have distinctive hair styles or tattoos on their heads. Maybe Officer Vai is terrified of this lunatic who keeps bringing her bits of dead people and just pays you in the hope that you'll go away.

    Actually, in BG:EE, bandit scalps are in a unique item category: Tattoos. No other item outside of Planescape Torment is in this category. Officer Vai's shop only buys items in the Tattoo category.
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    There was a bumper crop of bandits on this run and I finally broke the hundred mark. I've got 114 after clearing out Cloakwood.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    i think my record for scalp collection is this one;
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    sarevok57 wrote: »
    i think my record for scalp collection is this one;

    Damn. Even with the few scalps I can pick up in Baldur's Gate I'm still not going to catch you. Early on in my run I got surrounded by 10 bandits in an ambush and ran for the edge of the map. Regretting it now. I should have fought them and at least I would be getting close.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    there's always next time :)
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    On my latest run I have just cleared the bandit camp but I have only got 77 scalps so far. Mind you most of these seem to have come from Black Talon Elites, because I have got more +1 Arrows and Arrows of Ice than I am ever likely to shoot (the only archer in my current party is Minsc and he only uses his bow when enemies are running away in panic and then only because he can't be bothered to chase them).
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    There has been a bumper crop of bandits on my latest run.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
    ah, it looks like we have a tie, i wasn't sure what the record was so this was what i got last run as well

    and i only hit that amount because i went back to the iron throne building in chapter 7 and there was a dude on the second floor who had a scalp on him, so if it wasn't for that i would have hit only 129 which looks like it was the exact same as i got previously
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,809
    I just hit 128. And that's on my current unmodded run; my usual collection of mods adds scalps to a bunch of enemies that act as bandits but don't drop them normally.

    That does include a ten-bandit ambush in chapter 7, as I was traveling around getting the best prices on selling things after Durlag's Tower.
  • unknownunknown Member Posts: 9
    Good haul in my current playthrough... 159

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,931
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