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Bigger dialog UI for bigger fonts?

yuyueyuyue Member Posts: 3
Hello, is there any way to increase the size of the dialog UI?

The default maximum font size is smaller than the Baldur's Gate, so I just edited the Baldur.lua to make it bigger but I realized that the UI is small so it doesn't mesh together very well.

I also tried to use the "Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options" mod to use the "Enable UI Edit Mode" and while I managed to make the UI "contain" the bigger font, it looks really bad :pensive:

For some reason can't resize/edit/move the background images from the lower part of the screenshot...

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,669
    Hi @yuyue and welcome. The setting for the font sizes can be found in bgee.lua, have a look under the section 'styles' and change the value of normal={ point= xx (set to 14 by default).

    Although that will change the font size (and type if you wish), the best way to do this is through the use of an M_xxx.lua file you place into the override folder, where you should be able to configure all the font sizes of the game without risk of corrupting the other settings in bgee.lua... The game will load the bgee.lua first then apply settings in M_xxx.lua, where M_xxx is named what you want eg: M_font.lua etc.

    Have a read of this and it will describe the why and how. You can copy the base styles out of bgee.lua into M_fonts.lua and play. Any text editor can do but I use Notepad++ (which is free).

    Let me know if you have any problems.


  • yuyueyuyue Member Posts: 3
    Gusinda wrote: »
    Hi @yuyue and welcome.

    Hello and thanks! I had managed to change the font size changing the Baldur.lua line SetPrivateProfileString('Fonts','Zoom','220'). What is the difference between this and your method?

    Also, I stumbled upon this post:

    Which gave me clues of what I should try. I have no knowledge in lua scripts, programing and etc but after messing around for a while with the NearInfinity and microsoft paint, I think I managed to re-scale the UI to accommodate the bigger fonts from the changed Baldur.lua. Not sure if it's going to break at some point.

    And the last thing I needed to do to be perfect (at least for me :P ) was to change the height of the background image.

    The background image that's inside of the DIABG.MOS file is 3840x838 and I can't manage to resize it, need to be exactly 3840x838 or it gets bugged. Wanted to resize to something like 3840x1038 for example...



  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,669
    Hi @yuyue, sorry haven't been online lately. The difference between the two method would be that all the fonts would increase with the zoom % whereas using the M_fonts.lua allows you to select which font you would like to change size with. It also allows you to change the font type as well if it pleases you.

    As far as changing the size of the background goes, sorry can't help there. Had a quick look and it would appear there are a number of graphics that make up the image so I am 'guessing' that all would need to be changed to suit the size, then there would need to be some remapping of the images to make sure they fit into place. I remember this was done for IWD2 when using the widescreen mod realigning the dialog to the centre.


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