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Game won't launch in 1.79

After the update, literally nothing happens when I launch the game from the desktop shortcut or through the "PLAY" button in the Steam app. When I click on nwmain.exe I get the dreaded "0xc000007b" error box. But the really weird thing is that the game launches just fine if I roll back to build8186 or oldstable I can launch the game just fine; the obvious issues being that I can't access the new content if I do that (nor my favorite PW since they've already upgraded to 1.79).

I found an error log dated 12/2 with just the following entry:
Names Differ: Sky_001

So far, I've restarted my machine (WIN 10) a number of times, uninstalled/reinstalled 3 times, and even renamed all old NWN folders (in both SteamApps and Documents) so they would be "invisible" on a new install, validated my files through the Steam app, and still nothing.

Any tech-savvy folks here with advice on how to get around this?


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