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Rebirth after a year of Slumper

Howdy all, Josh here your all friend aka Torgrimmer, So Sorry for leaving you for over a year. My Grandmother who you all know I was caretaking for the last 8 yrs while I was dealing with my health issues, had a heart attack and past away. It threw me into a depression and many trials bc I got her house and it needed fixing and her 11 geriatric cats.

My health however is doing well, I'm current in a walker however but my mental health as you know is stable and my cancer is still in remission. I still struggle with headaches and I still get much pain in the spine so I a pain specialist. But its good to be back with friends and family. I love you all.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,418
    We love you, Josh! Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    What are the cats' names? Are they like Barad Ding's cats?
  • ber5nie5ber5nie5 Member Posts: 345
    Welcome back Torgrimmer! :)
  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 177
    Welcome back Torgrimmer! My condolences regarding your grandmother. Best wishes for your continued recover too! Blessings on you and your new cats (from a fellow with as many adoring felines)... give them a little of your time and they will tirelessly bring you smiles.
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