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Cloakwood Mines: Something I've never done

I;ve flooded the mines and spared the miners, I've flooded the mines and killed the miners. But what if you just....don't flood the mine? I know you miss out on XP and rep boost or hit; but what consequence to the game? anything?



  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,003
    From an RP point of view, killing Davaeorn but not flooding the mines or releasing the miners would leave an intact and profitable mining operation. A good-aligned party could free the miners then put them in charge so they are now working for themselves, a druid protagonist would shut down the mine, and an evil-aligned party could take over then skim the profits every week.

    Did anyone ever get a count as to how many people you kill if you flood the mine with the miners and guards still inside?

  • HempzHempz Member Posts: 15
    Did anyone ever get a count as to how many people you kill if you flood the mine with the miners and guards still inside?
    No guards actually - they're all slain in the name of Bhaal. And the slavers... They "have no purpose but to die by my hand".

  • CalmarCalmar Member Posts: 686
    I did that during my first playthrough! I wanted to claim that nifty fort for myself, of course. So I went and collected all NPCs from all over the land, gave them my yellow-and-green (vert and or) livery and placed them at various strategic places as guards.

    The Pros: I had my own motte-and-bayley castle with extensive dungeons and guards! What a splendid home base!
    The Cons: My women- and men-at-arms would frequently run off to the Friendly Arm where I had to pick them up and bring them back again. Such lousy discipline! Also, I couldn't really rest there without causing Iron Throne mercenaries to appear which kind of ruined the feeling of being at home in my castle...

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 475
    There are a couple caveats on not flooding the mine. If you recruited Faldorn or Yeslick, they won't be happy with you, and they'll leave the party. The time limit on that is short enough that it's not a good idea to head back to the Friendly Arm to raise a fallen party member.
    My current run (just completed this bit) has Faldorn long-term, and recruited Yeslick just for the flooding.

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