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Item Upgrade v45 Released

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,421
The Item Upgrade mod allows Cromwell and Cespenar to upgrade additional items in BGII. One third of them are convenience functions (e.g., they save you ring or boot space), one third of them try to beef up categories of weapons that are "weak by comparison" (e.g., clubs and spears), and one third of them upgrade NPC-specific items.

Version 45 contains a pair of bugfixes--one to allow the alternative Reaching Ring in BG2EE to be used in formulas, and the other to resolve a compatibility issue with SCS (though this will also require a new version from SCS).

v45 Changelog:
  • Fixed bug where the Sorcerian Ring formula was not accounting for the alternate Reaching Ring in BG2EE.
  • Resolved compatibility issue with the SCS component "Make spell sequencers, spell triggers, and contingencies learnable by all mages". If installed, it removes all scrolls of Contingency from the game. In that case, you will need a scroll of Globe of Invulnerability instead of Contingency for the archmagi robe formulas. However, this requires SCS of version > v32.8.



  • SatrhanSatrhan Member Posts: 67
    Nice that you're keeping it up to date!
    I've never been able to find a straight answer to this; how compatible is this mod with Item Revisions?
    Both in tone/balancing of the items, and in practice, does it cause any issues when using both?

  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,421
    They'll work together AFAIK, but the goals of the mods are radically different so I'm not sure why you would.

    IU was built by Wes to provide some very high-end/OP gear for use in games with Tactics installed whereas IR's goal is to try and smooth out these power spikes. With them installed together, you'd go from IR's thoughtfully rebalanced Celestial Fury to Wes' monster CF+5, which would seem to defeat the point of installing IR in the first place.

  • SatrhanSatrhan Member Posts: 67
    Thanks for clearing that up!

  • TulgasTulgas Member Posts: 22
    Must have & well recognised addon, very interesting to collect all things for upgrades.

    Two rooms for improvement:
    - High level and very costly upgrades. I had 1M free money near game end and nothing to buy. Combining ioun stones seems just right thing to add.
    - Each upgrade description in separate game letter. Easy management (used upgrades go to dispenser, unused and desirable are stored). Or in one huge journal entry, since it's ingame editable. For now, switching out of game to look into list of uprades wasn't as good as it can be.

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