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Wee bit of a problem with Mairyn and the ranger stronghold, and the Android console

MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 921
The specific problem is that sleeping in the ranger's house after helping Imnesvale didn't summon the spirit. However, the next problem is a bit more vexing. The console in this Android version doesn't seem to want to cooperate with commands. I'm using a BT keyboard, and it works in the text box, but every command results in [string "<what you typed>"] I did check that I am using an upper case C, though I have tried lower case c and even the fully CLUAConsole: - nothing seems to make it work right.

From my research, I should be able to summon the spirit directly with C:CreateCreature("RSPIRIT1"), except for the aforementioned problem. What's weird is that it sometimes works anyway - I was able to rescue the De'Arnise keep quests by summoning the keep runner.

Barring getting the console to work right, is there any other way to fix this?



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