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Hostile NPC in a different area than initial aggro

Sorry, I can't figure out how to name the title more accurately.

I just had a weird experience and I'm wondering what caused this, as inconsequential as it is.

Basically I've managed to cause one single female commoner NPC to become hostile. This happened in the house on top of Mae'vars guild hall. The NPC exited the house and once I came out they escaped back inside and I thought that was the end of it. No docks NPCs became hostile beyond her.

The curious thing happened when I was going for Adventurer's Mart in Waukeen's Promenade. Who should I see running away from me in the middle of the promenade? A single hostile female commoner NPC. That's peculiar.

Makes me wonder if the NPCs share IDs so if you anger one type of NPC, like a woman in a green dress, do all women in green dresses in the game become hostile?


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    Uh-oh. That sounds like an old bug that's supposed to have been fixed. What version are you playing on?

    If its the bug I think it is, that commoner is going to not only follow you through the whole game, but eventually start multiplying. To the point where it will start crashing your game.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2020
    Oh? That sounds ominous. Who would've thought that some fishwife would be such a harbringer of doom.

    I'm playing v2.5.16.6 on Steam

    Unrelated but while I checked that I also looked if the BG1EE Bard song bug that I reported a year ago is also present in BG2 and it looks like it is. That is also something that people told me not everyone gets. Talking about the bardsong range being really small, less than half of my field of vision. According to the patch notes that's not supposed to work like that either so I'm starting to wonder what is up with my EE versions.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,643
    Whether the bard song range is a bug or not - there's a simple tweak mod to increase it. See here (Bigger Bard Song).

    In old game versions, friendly bard songs automatically affected all party members. Version 2.0 gave them a limited range - reasonable. The range was chosen to be 30' - probably too small. The tweak increases this to 235', approximately matching the range of True Seeing.
    If you send a thief out ahead of the party to scout and backstab, he's likely to lose the benefits of the song. On the other hand, if the party is fighting as a unit, they'll all benefit without having to worry about positioning.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 188
    edited April 2020
    Yeah, I just mentioned that as it's also something that was, if memory serves, bugged previously and shouldn't happen in the current version.

    EDIT: Deleted paragraph. I thought there was a newer version of the game that I couldn't download for some reason but I was looking at BG1EE latest version number.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited April 2020
    jmerry wrote: »
    If you send a thief out ahead of the party to scout and backstab, he's likely to lose the benefits of the song. On the other hand, if the party is fighting as a unit, they'll all benefit without having to worry about positioning.
    actually is possible for a bard or his mislead clone, if the bard has UAI to follow the thief and boost his stabbing, while being permanently invisible, it is also possible to have the bard or clone boost the whole party, with the larger song aoe, while is permanently invisible.
    Singing is considered a combat action, so breaks invisibility, but then is easy, as soon as the bard or clone become visible, to press pause, select an other weapon, the SoTM again and order him to sing.
    The song this way is always active and the singer is only visible for a spit second, and using also the cloak that protects from true sight, the tactic does not work only against enemies that see naturally trough invisibility.

    The only thing really prevented from the EE bard song is stacking the songs of more clones, thing that imo does not need at all to be prevented as a player that does it does it intentionally, no one would loose his highly valuable high level slots for mislead and use them all in the same battle without intentionally wanting to perform that tactic, that in the original game i had tested and brought to its utter consequences using also the helm that grants a simulacrum and simulacrum and PI scrolls, plus all the mislead ones i could find, used on the quick slots of both the bard and the simulacrum and PI clones.
    Ifi am not wrong i topped out at something like a triple +80 for all the party, with naked mages that are at the cap AC and hit every time like trucks while DW or kill hordes in no time with darts and improved haste, it is 480 damage/round only from the stacked songs bonus ;)
    But is a tactic that i personally found overpowered and did not use on a regular basis, not even to have a couple of clones stacking the song. I don't even like to have a single clone singing because i feel that the permanent invisibility the bard gets is too strong, but if i want a bard use the song without loosing his contribution to the attacks i have to use the clone, as in EE is no more possible (without an incredible amount of micro management) to have a bard sing and attack in the same round, thing that in the original was quite easy to implement.

    I also had in the original runs with more then one bard and i liked the possibility to stack their songs, in EE is no more possible unless are different songs, ie you can have a blade with the enhanced one and a skald that does not chose the enhanced one as hla. A lot of other powerful things in the game can be stacked, a mage can stack 5 webs being sure that most of the enemies get stuck, and the web spell is a low level one, while for all the bards but the skald you have to reach hla levels to really boost your party with the song.
    Balance wise if you chose to run with 2 bards to stack their songs you do it at the cost of occupying 2 party slots with them, slots that can cost maybe 2 less warriors, paladins or rangers or a warrior and a late game archmage more, there was some sort of balance doing it. while stacking 5 clone songs, really unbalancing, was clearly intentional, and if a player likes to do it why prevent him from having fun the way he likes, this game is great because you can use the anti beholder shield or decide to don't use it, because you can bomb the enemies from outside their view field or decide to don't do it, use the most cheating exploits like the wand of lighting trick to spawn 6 powerful spells from scroll at the cost of a single scroll (maze or imprison 6 foe with a single scroll, cast 6 wail of the banshee in a row with a single scroll, stack 6 webs with a single scroll anyone?) or avoid to use any exploit at all.

    I really feel that EE has made the bard class way less versatile and fun to play, the expanded aoe of the song was really needed, thank you again @Tresset for the mod, but it does not restores completely how was fun to play bards in the original game.
    But even in EE, spending some potion or lev 2 invisibility spell, and later without even that, a bard can still greatly help the party thief in stabbing, sure now he has to actually move and be a little smarter, while in the original he can do it while sitting on some armchair and drinking some tea or beer half area far from the thief, but it is surely still possible to do it.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    @Lammas "I'm playing v2.5.16.6 on Steam"

    Okay, that shouldn't be happening on any version 2.5 and up. Its been fixed for awhile now. Do you use mods?

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 188
    No mods whatsoever.
    I think I might be okay though since I've yet to have another encounter with the hostile commoner. Really curious NPC behavior though.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 188
    Haha, that's some great writing. I'll have to admit that the thought of that hostile commoner randomly appearing around because I pilfered some coins out of her nightstand is surprisingly disturbing. Luckily I've only seen her once. Also unlike those beggars that were out for blood I believe she'd just run away but perhaps she's just waiting to grow in strength and multiply, biding her time and plotting my demise while waiting for the right moment.

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