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Baldur’s Gate / John Wick Crossover?

In my playthrough thread, the protagonist Bhaalspawn (Ausar, elven F/M) has finally made it to the Friendly Arms Inn (Chapter 1, Parts XVII - XIX: Although I’ve played through this part of the game many times before, I never really paid much attention to one of the FAI guard’s lines, until now.

Guard: “Perhaps ‘rules’ is a touch too formal. It is unwritten, but accepted, that while herein you will act with the utmost civility to all other guests. This is neutral ground, and all grievances are left at the gate. If the grievances come in, then you will go out.”

Does this evoke the Continental Hotel from John Wick for anyone else? I mean, I’m sure FAI management wants to keep its grounds safe for everyday guests, but I could also see it as a kind of safe harbor for those engaged in dangerous lines of work. Two Harpers (Khalid and Jaheira) and a blackguard (Dorn) are sharing the common room, after all. Neera, who is being hunted by Red Wizards, decides to head there immediately after you drop her from the party, where she - presumably - remains safe until you are ready to pick her up again. Anyway, no smoking gun, but it sure is food for thought.

Gives me half a mind to download a Keanu Reeves portrait and roll a Fighter or F/T . . .
Anyone interested in modding “Gorion” into a beagle? lol



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