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Neera issue

i'm playing for the first time and tried looking for a fix online but i haven't found anyone with this problem, there were similar ones but not the same. basically i cant talk to neera, my character approaches her and they just turn and stare at each other. the only way to trigger a convo is to kick her from the party and then she approaches me to say she'll be at the inn, oddly enough while she's in the inn waiting i can talk to her just fine, it's only an issue when she's in the party. i can talk to everyone else just fine and have no other issues, i tried killing and resurrecting her but the problem persisted, restarting the game didn't help, starting a new game didn't help either. i don't have the other companion, edwin i think is his name, which i read can cause issues when meeting her. the meeting actually went just fine. i do have mods installed so that might be the cause, yeah i know it's not the best idea to mess with mods on a first playthrough but i rarely replay games so i wanted to get the most out of it, i can post the list of mods i installed if needed. i've thought about reinstalling the game but i'd rather leave that as a last resort. thanks for reading.


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