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Mac Users Beware!

LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177

I originally got BG1:EE from the Apple AppStore and had it installed, I then got a copy of BG1 from Beamdog. All was well and I could use each app as normal. I then decided to do a fresh install of the AppStore version, all was well it installed ok. But upon investigating further, it overwrites the Beamdog version with the Mac Store Version!!!!! It doesn't erase everything first so now I have one Version of the "Data" folder in the 00766 folder and one in the Resources Folder inside the Package!!!!!!!!!

I think this is Beamdog's fault, they should have changed the App Name ID for the Beamdog, AppleStore and Steam versions, if not they all have the same ID and it confuses MacOS! If they are packaged differently then they should be DIFFERENT IDs!

I'm now being forced to give up the AppStore version because Beamdog as stolen its ID!!!!!

This is a terrible state of affairs! They really need to make their products compatible with the platform they are sold for.

How to fix?

Pissed off!
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  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
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    It gets worse! Now I find that SOD has the same App ID as both versions of BG1! That's 3 different versions of the App with the same App ID! I bet the same is true for BG2, IWD and PST too! Do the Steam versions have the same App ID too?

    Beamdog really needs to address this, its MacOS 101 that every App on the Mac has a different ID (that's how it tells them apart). Why do they have the same ID?

    How to I fix this issue? I don't think I can, I think Beamdog will have to register the new IDs and create new
    Apps? This is such a fundamental issue that I wonder if they know what they are doing on the Mac side. It's really very simple you just follow the bloody rules!
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,416
    Please uninstall the app in a correct way and install it anew.

    Your save files etc. are not affected when you uninstall the game.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
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    No, THIS is a Croc!
  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
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    Please uninstall the app in a correct way and install it anew.

    Your save files etc. are not affected when you uninstall the game

    If I do that I will blow away games folder(s) again!

    I have:

    /Applications/BG1 - from Apple AppStore

    /Applications/BeamdogGames/00766/BG1 - From Beamdog
    /Applications/BeamdogGames/00806/BG1 (SOD) - From Beamdog

    I removed /Applications/BG1, went to the Apple AppStore and Downloaded it again, however, since /Applications/BeamdogGames/00766/BG1 and /Applications/BeamdogGames/00806/BG1 (SOD) have the SAME App IDs, the AppStore thinks I've just moved the AppStore version to another place and merges the AppStore version with the Beamdog version rendering both version of the Game unusable! It seems to prefer BG1 to SOD to merge into, I think that is just luck as it happens to be be installed first.

    If I remove /Applications/BeamdogGames/00766/BG1 and try it, then it does the same but merges into /Applications/BeamdogGames/00806/BG1 (SOD).

    Because Beamdog does not do a proper install (in MacOS terms) and just copies the files blindly into a folder, it goes undetected, if Beamdog used a proper installer for their games then it would detect that there were duplicate App IDs!

    So, how to fix it? The answer is simple use a different App ID for Beamdog and Steam, etc. products so they are unique to the store that they were bought from.

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    ThacoBell wrote: »
    No, THIS is a Croc!

    Well its a better Croc then the Croc I am looking at!
  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    edited April 2020
    Oh the other solution is to take it down from the Apple AppStore, since it shouldn't be there at all as it has a non unique App ID!
  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    Ironically, if Beamdog were to actually release an BG1 update or add SOD to the Apple Store, then anyone that has purchased the Beamdog version as well will be hosed! Heaven help them if they have the AppStore App to update automatically, they will wake up to to find both their BG1 games broken!
  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
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    One other thing, once the AppStore App has merged into the Beamdog game, the Beamdog Client "Verify" option becomes useless, the only way out of this it to delete (and empty the trash) the Beamdog version of BG1 and SOD, install from the AppStore (which now works correctly, since there are now no other Apps with the same App ID). Then use to Beamdog Client to uninstall them (it thins they are still there even though they have been trashed!), and then re-install BG1 and SOD. To get back to a state when both the Apple Store and the Beamdog are both working again mean 14+ GB of downloads and all because the App IDs are not unique!
  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    The only way around this without a LOT downloading, is to do this:

    Compress BG1 folder (00766) into zip file.
    Delete BG1 folder and empty trash.
    Compress SOD folder (00806) into zip file.
    Delete SOD folder and empty trash.

    Delete App Store version of App and empty trash.

    Download BG1 from the App Store

    Expand the two zipped folders back into their folders
    Delete the Zip files (empty trash).

    This will allow you to update or restore your AppStore game, but you will need about 6 GB free (with all games installed) when you do it.

    Thinking about it, it MIGHT work if you compress and erase just the Game App files, since that would be enough to remove the App ID, but it might remember the folder path and use that folder anyway.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,297
    If you give your thread a meaningful title, it could attract people who might face the same problems. As it is, it only sounds like a rant. (I'm a Windows user so I can't say anything to the topic.)
  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    Good Point!
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