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A guide to new magic items in BG:EE *SPOILERS*



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    edited February 2015
    There is an extra magma bulwark sitting out in the open to the left of the map just past the temple of Bhaal at the end of the game. Slightly lighter than ankheg but not quite as good. An important miss is the +3 chain at the end of the Balduran Isle adventure; if it is the only armor you are carrying at the end then Jon Irenicus will store it in a cabinet for you at the beginning of BG2

    edit: just realized this was about NEW items, sorry.
  • Cccbon3Cccbon3 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry for necroing but i had to tell you guys something i didnt see anybody mention before:

    Beruels Retort has the same average damage as a battle axe +1 in melee while also having a better speed factor (4 vs 6) making it the best axe available before chapter the ridiculous price of ~50gold/5pcs

    Just dont throw em all away and Kagain will be very happy not to fork over ~1.5k for an inferior battle axe +1 (being greedy and all, RP double win :smiley: )
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    I seem to remember talking to some one in baldurs gate that said they could recharge the spectacles 1 or 2 times. I meet him just after acquiring the glasses.
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