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A guide to new magic items in BG:EE *SPOILERS*

ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
This is a list of all the new notable magic items in BG:EE.
I am not including underwhelming ones like daggers +1 and stuff like that

A list of items in SoD can be found here:

A list of items in BG2:EE can be found here:


Bastard Swords

Albruin +1 (Immunity to poison, +2 damage bonus, detect illusion once per day, "silver" attribute) - Simmeon (part of Dorns storyline), just outside Baldurs gate, near Quayle.


Wakizashi +1 - dropped durin Dorn's ambush, when he joins you.
Ninjato +1 - Baldurs gate sewers in cocoon near ogre mage and carrion crawlers
Scimitar +1 - Ogre mage in bg sewers [v1.1.2014]
Rashad's Talon +2 (Standard scimitar +2) - Cloakwood 2, on cliff overlooking sea in the south of the area. This may disappear if you don't collect it the first time you visit cloakwood 2.

Long swords

Harrower + 1 (+1 longsword which is +3 vs undead) - 2 locations: Zeela (one of the amazon warriors) outside the exit of nashkel mines drops it, also Elkart, in the blade and stars inn


Katana +1 - Ogre mage, 3rd floor of cloakwood mines

Great Swords

Rancor +1 (+1 greatsword, which gets +1 to hit when you have killed someone) - Dorn's starting sword


Neera's staff +1 (+1 staff with a small chance to damage target with extra fire damage, and a small chance to damage Neera with fire damage instead) - Neera's starting staff
Quaterstaff +2 - Laskal, Cloakwood 3


The chelsey crusher (Halberd +2, Sets attacks per round to 1, +4 damage bonus) - Found on ignot the gnoll, in area to the East of Gnoll fortress


Club +1 - Krum, area east of gnoll fortress.
Night Club +1 (Thac0 +1,+2 at night) - in a chest in entar sivershield's garden in Baldur's gate [v1.1.2012]
Might oak (Club +2) -Shadow druid leader, cloakwood 3, inside treehouse.


Sling of unerring accuracy (+2 to hit) - 2 locations: Black lily, thieves guild (purchasable), 2nd floor of spurlging sturgeon


The Thresher (+2 Flail) - Sorcerous sundries (purchasable)


Spear +2 - Baldurs gate north, Merchant's league doorman


The Stupefier +1 (Mace with 25% chance to stun target for 1d4 rounds no save) - 2nd floor of burning wizard inn, beregost


The golden axe +1 (10% chance of casting dispel on target) - Fenton, middle west bg, in locked house in south east corner.

War hammers

Hammer of dawn +1 (User is under nondetection) - Brathlan (guide in the hall of wonders)


Darts of Acid/Fire/Ice - High hedge (purchasable)
Bullets of Electricity/Fire/Ice - High hedge (purchasable)
Beruel's retort (Throwing axes +1) - Blacksmith in Beregost (purchasable)


Rugged leathers +2 (-15% move silently penalty) - Neera's personal quest
Karaj studded leather +3 - Chest on bottom floor of durlags tower
Magma bulwark +2 (Plate +2, Lighter than regular plate) - Container in the Undercity
Elven chainmail (Can cast spells while wearing) - The cleric in the fight with Simmeon [v1.1.2012]


Amulet of spell warding - (+2 to saves vs spells) -Kryll, Area south east of Nashkel mines (part of Dorn's storyline)
Moonlight walkers (+2 bonus to AC) - Rasaad's starting equipment.
Belt of antipode (100% resist frost, but 100% vulnerability to fire) - On Gorion's body after ambush
Glimmering bands - Gamaz - Cloudpeaks temple (part of Rasaads quest) - +2 to hit bonus
Buckley's Buckler (+1 CON) - Friendly arm inn (purchasable)
Adoy's belt (+5 to saves vs polymorph/pertification) - Adoy

Cursed items

Iron thorn ring (turns you into a zombie) - 2 locations: Bandit camp (in a hut), Cloakwood 2 same location as Rashad's Talon
Big fisted belt, Cursed belt of hill giant strength (sets strength to 19 but int to 6) - Cloudpeaks temple (part of Rasaads quest) inside a locked chest in acolytes quarters.
The Ossifier *cursed* (+1 quaterstaff which casts barkskin on the target when you hit) - Aleppo discount store
The gold digger + 1 - (Removes 10g from your inventory every time you hit) - Aleppo discount store
Backbiter +3 - Orsmadi (Larswood druid)


Gem bag - Neera's starting equipment
Potion case - High hedge store (purchasable)
Scroll case - Firebead quest reward (beregost) [v1.1.2011]


High hedge, Feldepost's inn and Sorcerous sundries all sell new spells

Notable others:

Find familiar - Nimbul
Spell thrust - Venkt (bandit camp tazok's tent)
Fireshield (red) - Kysus (assassins outside cloakwood mines)
Fireshield (blue) - Resar (thieves guild)
Spider spawn - Niemain (2nd floor sorcerous sundries)
Detect illusion - Hallacan (Gullykin ambush)
Remove magic- Andris (ice caverns) or red wizards, in area to north of bassilisk area
Stoneskin - 2 available - dezkiel (ice caverns) or a red wizard in Adoy's encave (neera's quest)
Minor sequence - Top floor of iron throne building
Wraithform - Sakul, Underneath candlekeep
Glitterdust - Demonknight in durlag's tower, Tranzig

Notable extras:

All these items already existed in the game, but these are additional copies of them.

Extra gauntlets of weapon expertise in bandit camp chest in Tazok's tent
Extra golden girdle - Simmeon, just outside bg, near quayle (part of Dorns storyline)
Extra fallorian's plate +1 - Simmeon, just outside bg, near quayle (part of Dorns storyline)
Extra boots of avoidance - Melkin, Baldurs gate duchal palace area
Extra Destroyer of hills girdle - SW Baldurs gate merchant (purchasable)
Extra boots of speed - Kill Lothander (Baldurs Gate)
Extra Robe of the Evil Archmagi - Baeloth [v1.1.2012]
Extra cloak of non detection - Ordulinian in Sorcerous Sundries. Turn in Arkion's amulet and Nemphre's ring.


The Demon knight at the bottom of durlag's tower now drops the helm of opposite alignment when killed. Previously, he only dropped this if you killed him when he briefly attacks you in the entrance hall. [v.1.2]
Ankheg plate now stacks with rings of protection
Rings of wizardry no longer stack with themselves. (so you cant equip more that one on the same mage)
Ogre mages will now drop normal katanas or scimitars unless otherwise specified. Katanas are not affected by the iron crisis.

Item Codes

Huge thanks to Kaigen for putting these together

Albruin +1: SW1H34
Wakizashi +1: SW1H47
Ninjato +1: SW1H49
Harrower +1: SW1H79
Katana +1: SW1H44
Rancor +1: SW2HD1
Neera's Staff +1: STAFN1
Quarterstaff +2: STAF18
The Chesley Crusher +2: HALB13
Club +1: BLUN36
Night Club +1: BLUN38
Mighty Oak +2: BLUN37
Sling of Unerring Accuracy: SLNG11
The Thresher +2: BLUN39
Spear +2: SPER05
The Stupefier +1: BLUN41
The Golden Axe +1: AX1H19
Hammer of Dawn +1: HAMM13

Dart of Fire/Ice/Acid +1: DART09/10/11
Bullet of Fire/Ice/Electricity: BULL07/08/09
Beruel's Retort +1: AX1H18

Rugged Leathers +2: LEAT25
Karajah's Leather Armor +3: LEAT09
The Magma Bulwark +2: PLAT24
Elven Chain Mail: CHAN12

Amulet of Spell Warding: AMUL25
Moonlight Walkers: RSBOOT
Belt of Antipode: BELT16
Glimmering Bands: RSBRAC
Buckley's Buckler: SHLD33
Adoy's Belt: NEBELT01

The Iron Thorn: RING47
Big-Fisted Belt: BELT15
The Ossifier: STAF25
Gold Digger +1: SW2H22
Backbiter +3: SPER03

Gem Bag: BAG02
Potion Case: BAG06
Scroll Case: BAG03

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