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Unturnable Skeleton Warriors: Should I Play God with DLTCEP?

GregorIIGregorII Member Posts: 13
edited February 2021 in General Modding
Hi guys,

So,ever since my last clean install I'm finding that I can't turn Skeleton all, no matter what level. 14 level Cleric or 40th level; makes no difference. I believe it's either the SCS Strategems mod or the aTweaks mod that's the culprit, but I can't pinpoint any component that looks likely to be the cause.

So, having just had some (limited) success with using DLTCEP to create a unique item for the first time, I'm feeling cocky enough to edit Skeleton Warriors back to turnable status. I believe I've identified the effect that's making them invulnerable to turning, and I'm wondering if just removing it would be enough to fix things. But, I don't want to risk breaking the game by screwing around with code when I'm very much a noob at DLTCEP. Can anyone confirm that just removing the effect highlighted o[url][/url]n this screen shot would ONLY make Skeleton Warriros turnable and nothing else? Alternately, can anyone identify the mod component causing this invulnerability in the first place (Weidu log attached)?



  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,873
    Yes, getting rid of that effect should fix the problem without causing any other problems.

    Don't worry about breaking the game. It's actually pretty hard to break the game simply by messing around with a creature's effects, unless you're deliberately trying to break the game.
  • GregorIIGregorII Member Posts: 13
    Thank you!!
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