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Garrick as a model for a PC

I love Garrick. I know he is not very popular, but I love his personality, He is too very useful, even if with his relatively low Int, he fails a lot when he tries to learn spells. I like his naiveness, his credulity. The only thing that i do not undertand in his character is his alignment. He seems to me more like a CG character than a CN. But, generally, all CN characters seem closer to CG than to "true CN" (the way I underatnd it, pure selfish free-spirits).
So I think I will try to model a PC based on him. But it will be a woman, less intelligent then Imoen, less agile, perhaps even with less charisma. Not so bright, to be honest, she sings a bit out of tune, will learn spells but with difficulties, but during her adventures, will learn and progress. So no Min Max and 18 in her abilities. Let's see whet will happen to her ...
But which alignment should I give to her ? CN like Garrick ? N or even NG ? Or CG with EEKeeper ?


  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    Life is glorious !
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    So here we go, Cordelia Fairlady, Half elf bard, CN (I may change her alignment to CG with EEKeeper because I want to try the Ajantis romance)
    F 10 C 10 D 14 I 15 W 11 C 16
    We'll see what will happen to her...
  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,072
    edited April 2021
    In your initial meet-up, making the evil rather than good choice causes Garrick to permanently leave the MC, while the good choice earns his respect. So yes, Garrick's alignment is incorrectly coded as CN rather than CG, just as Jaheira's is incorrectly coded as TN rather than NG.
  • Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,858
    Rigel wrote: »
    So here we go, Cordelia Fairlady, Half elf bard, CN (I may change her alignment to CG with EEKeeper because I want to try the Ajantis romance)
    F 10 C 10 D 14 I 15 W 11 C 16
    We'll see what will happen to her...

    Which sound set are you using for her? I always find one of the hardest things when trying to create a new character is finding a voice to suit.
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    "such menial task ...."
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @Permidion_Stark I play a lot of halflings or gnomes (female) and I usually use the voice with the sentence " I am on it like ugly on an orc". I love it, so funny.
    Once I played a Barbarian and I used the one with the strong accent (scottish ? welsh ? ) "I ll get in a minute guv".
  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 1,458
    I find Garrick to be a fine and somewhat underrated NPC. There are only two bards, and one is evil and acquired somewhat late. So, in many ways, Garrick is the only NPC bard on the party. But BG1 offers a lot of good items for him, that help make up for his weak stats. The crossbow of speed, the various short swords. Even some of the throwing axes can work if you go that specialization. Several good chain mails as well.

    I often find Garrick works well alongside one of the specialist mages, allowing you to pick up the useful skills that are not in their school. While not having to burn a second party slot on another character with terrible Thaco and gear limits. I find that to be a stronger setup than two pure mages. That being said, he's still not quite as good as having a sorcerer or thief-mage.

    The later half of the game also throws a bunch of mage-only items as rewards, and Garrick makes excellent use of these. I've also found the bardsong to be a useful timer for trap detection.

    Much of this can also apply to a bard MC if you like. I think they pair well with one of the specialist mage NPC's. Xan probably being the best candidate. The evocation damage spells scale with level, and the bard will level faster.
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 2,439
    DinoDin wrote: »
    The later half of the game also throws a bunch of mage-only items as rewards, and Garrick makes excellent use of these.
    A lot of mage items aren't usable by bards, though. No archmage robes, no Evermemory ring. The elven chain is the only armor that a bard can wear and cast spells with in the unmodded game, and the only way to get it is to do Dorn's quest.
  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,363
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    There are very few companions in BG1 who can use both bows (or crossbows) and arcane magic.

    There's him, there's the other bard, there's dual classed Imoen, and then there's Safana if you give her the tome of intelligence and then dual class her.

    Bows and arcane magic are some of the most powerful tools at your disposal in BG1. While Garrick may not be a master archer or an archmage supreme, there is a lot of value in the fact that he can do both. Mages have a fair bit of down time between spells, especially in BG1, so the ability to plug away at enemies with crossbow bolts when you're not casting is pretty great.

    As far as his stats go, he doesn't have a whole lot of spell slots, so his intelligence isn't that big a deal. You only really need to successfully scribe a couple spells per level. His Dex is perfectly solid for keeping him in the backline so stuff like the constitution and strength isn't that big a deal. In a pinch you can use a mage protection spell and he'll be hardier than any of your fighters anyway.
  • KelgrafarKelgrafar Member Posts: 1
    I like Garrick also. He is a great loremaster and I find his personality likable and amusing. His back story is quite funny also. (props to the old writers..)

    He gets less spells than a mage, but even lvl 1-3 spells are extremely effective when used right. Charm person, shield, sleep, web, fireball, haste, etc... Plus he can use wands and scrolls, which are plentiful. I have him quaff a potion of genius before learning more valuable spells so he's less likely to guff up while inscribing.

    If you kit him out he can be quite strong in ranged and melee. The crossbow of speed is an obvious choice, but last playthrough I ended up having him memorize the level 2 spell strength and whip out the Chesley Crusher +2 halberd. For a bard he can hit pretty hard when you raise his strength to 18 with potions or spells. It was a little silly, but I liked seeing him land those big hits and splash gore across the screen.

    Playing as a bard PC sounds fun. Even with middling stats, if you're resourceful they can be quite good.
  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 856
    edited May 2021
    Garrick is usually the MVP of my late game in BG1 due to his ability to use wands. More than one Sarevok has been decided because Garrick was able to land the Wand of Paralyzation (and consequently my dedicated Magic-User was able to keep slinging spells in the interim - being able to stack magic missiles while also doing this helps considerably).

    I agree on the spell selection - give Garrick the buffs and disablers, let the dedicated MU cast the big ticket spells like Fireball and Lightning Bolt. You don't need to have six copies of Haste prepared at all times, one or two at most is fine. Plus a Bard's spellcasting is generally more potent than a MU of the same level, since spell power is by class level rather than by spell slot, and point for point a Bard will be higher level than a MU (Bards level on the Thief table, which famously reaches level 10 by the TotSC cap).

    My dad never gave bards a fair shake, but that's largely because of a personality clash - he found Garrick to be too... Garrick (though the one time I remember him using Garrick, he appreciated the Sir Robin gag), the other prefab bard is a complete and utter villain, and classic BG1 is notoriously deadly if you're not some form of warrior. Ironically his game of choice was Icewind Dale, and bards are even better there.
  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 239
    @Kelgrafar @Pokota @Chronicler @jmerry @DinoDin Thanks for your remarks !
    Once more unto the breach dear friends !
  • SCARY_WIZARDSCARY_WIZARD Member Posts: 1,437
    Tell Cordy I love her! She sounds rad. You could always role-play her as being Chaotic Neutral, and sort of veering towards Chaotic Good. It's just that she makes the wrong decisions at the wrong time, and that prevents her from being a wholly "good" person. Still, she does very good things!
  • The_Baffled_KingThe_Baffled_King Member Posts: 44
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    Rigel wrote: »
    The only thing that i do not undertand in his character is his alignment. He seems to me more like a CG character than a CN.
    Agreed. He is a far better fit as a Good character (although I peg him as more Neutral than Chaotic). What Chronicler said in their post is quite true, and it's a perfectly fair rebuttal of jsaving's point about Garrick's reaction to the Silke encounter. But read Garrick's biography. He was earning a good living as a performer, until he learned that members of his group were using their performances as cover for thievery. Garrick himself wasn't thieving, yet so strong was his disapproval that he left the group. Those are clearly the actions of someone very Lawful and/or someone who is Good. Garrick's interactions with the other NPCs also suggest that he is Good.

    In my view, the BG1 writers made a number of poor decisions about whether or not some characters should be Neutral. I may make a post about that at some point, but I don't want to hijack a thread about using Garrick as the inspiration for a PC!
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