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Cannot find bandit camp

VreejackVreejack Member Posts: 60
Tranzig is dead and I have his letter from Tazok. Raiken and Teven are dead. How do I find the bandit camp, now? Peldale and Larswood are so thoroughly searched that I have to keep returning to Beregost to turn in the bandit scalps that Dorn carries.

And it seems that my Tranzig quest did not update. I still need to find him to complete the quest, even though he is dead and his corpse is gone. I found people mentioning this particular bug in 2002, so "yay", I feel validated. How does the clua console work again?

C:CreateCreature("tranzi") works. So I killed him again in Feldepost's Inn and it did not advance the quest. Anyone know how I can do this manually? Maybe I should respawn Raiken or Teven since the valid story route seems to be broken.

Raiken got me into the camp, but the Tranzig quest cannot be completed. I think the SetGlobal command can be used to advance it if I can figure out the name.

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