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Pathfinding still broken in

3leeTbger3leeTbger Member Posts: 70
After 23 years, tonnes of promises and updates/patches from the developers, pathfinding is still very poor. This is a total joke.

Recent week, I've played bgee v.

Party members constantly get stuck and bump into/block each other.

Why aren't more people complaining about it? Why can't the devs fix it? Why is one of the highlights of the 2.6 patch "improved pathfinding" , when it still is so buggy?

To the defense of the devs and the supporting community, i must say that bgee 1+2 overall have become better and better since 1998, and are now highly polished and have a low degree of bugs compared to the initial releases.
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  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 260
    edited December 2021
    The really fubar issue isn't pathfinding per se as in characters having trouble navigating long distances or tricky chokepoints (this can be addressed by clicking shorter distances/more frequently); it's characters getting stuck on top on one another and ending up COMPLETELY UNABLE TO MOVE, often in the middle of combat. I cannot fathom how this issue is still present in 2.6. This never (or practically never) happened in the classic versions, and previous patches of EE did do better in this area. 2.5 clearly broke it again (bad enough that the modding community introduced a slight fix for it), and 2.6 never addressed it. Unbelievable.

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