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Some bugs

kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
1) Arcane spell 'Enchant weapon' erroneously forbidden for Invoker (legacy of BG?). It must be forbidden to Necromancer.

2) Arcane spell 'Color Spray' works incorretly - target that fall uncocious awaken when struck. In spell description especially stated that target that knocked unconscious 'do not awaken when struck'.

PS here my fixes. Unzip that acrhive into 'override' folder with installed game.


  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    3) Newly created character of any class that starts HoW campaign has some equipment, except shaman. Newly created shaman start HoW campaign 'naked' - he hasn't any equipment in his inventory.

    4) Newly created monk character that starts HoW campaign has some equipment that he can't wear (i.e. helm) and without specific class equipment.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    for number 2, in IWD the mechanic is different than the BG games

    in the BG games if an enemy is unconscious or asleep they will remain so even if struck

    in the IWD series, any "resting" enemy will be awaken after the first hit, so its not so much a bug in the fact that they are supposed to stay down, its a bug in the description of the spell ( no doubt the spell description is just copy pasted from the BG series spell )
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    edited July 2021
    sarevok57 wrote: »
    for number 2, in IWD the mechanic is different than the BG games...

    No it it's not. No offense, but try to carefully read the description of how this spell works.

    The spell 'Sleep' - works correctly, but 'Color Spray' does not.

    I've already fixed that, then it's up to Beamdog.

    Edit. Google translate!
    Edit#2. Grammar :(
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    for every sleep like spell in IWD enemies will wake up after getting hit once ( sleep, command, greater command, power word sleep ) this is just how the "sleep" like mechanic works in IWD, in the BG series, if an enemy is asleep, then they stay so for the duration of the spell

    that is why i was saying, what probably happened is that they just copy pasted the bg version of the spell over to IWD without realizing that in IWD "sleep" effects works differently

    but i just checked both versions and the IWD description is indeed specific and different that the BG version, so again my assumption for the bug was because usually sleep effects only last until a creature is struck, very interesting
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    I am glad that you and I have come to an understanding each other. Cheers! ;)
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    5) If all party members is under effect of spell 'Improved Invisibility' Yxunomei will just stand there and do nothing (even will not try go to melee) allow to kill herself freely.

    My assumptions:

    Dispite she is a marilith she can't see thru invisibility (apropriate script is missing), possible due to this a bug in her behavior script will occure - she try use spells, can't 'see' her enemy and try repit all cycle again from begining.
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    6) When using one of the follower spells:

    'Chain contingency'
    'Spell Sequencer'
    'Spell Trigger'

    a bug may occur if one of the selected spells is a 'Enchanted weapon' spell.

    In this case, the spell will work by old fashioned way - it will offer to create a selected enchanted weapon +3 in caster/target inventory instead enchant a existing weapon by +3.
  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,347
    Enchanted Weapon - Known issue in all games:
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    edited July 2021
    First, thank you for this 'quick fix. I looked on this spells in NI, but my knowlege of 'Infinity Engine' is very limited and i am couldn't fix it myself.

    Second, do you know to where one may post about new found bugs, just to avoid duplications and for more productive 'reports'? Earlyer it was theme on reddit, but now i just don't know :(

    Edit. Spelling.
  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,347
    No way to know if something has been reported with the new system, or even see other peoples reports.
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    I get it. Beamdog like this 'get off from us with these of your bugs'. Well...

    Ok, thank you for your answer anyway ;)
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,135
    We read everything and try to track reports which look genuine. We read this forum as well and our developers comment. See the Enchanted Weapon link for example.

    That said, thank you, @kotophey , for all your ongoing reports. They are very helpful!
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    Do not take everything that i said earler too personally, this is more a joke than seriously.

    You (and you personally) are great, you have been supporting these games for so many years so such a dedication worth to be praised and respected.

    Cheers! ;)
  • kotopheykotophey Member Posts: 97
    7) Divine spell 'Exaltation' don't remove next status effect icons (but actually cure status effect itself):

    *Rigid Thinking

    Here my fix. Unpack zip into 'override' folder with intalled game.
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