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Ascendant Mind Monk - Another Psionic Monk kit mod

stewelementstewelement Member Posts: 51
Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at a kit mod and I'm quite happy with the initial result. I wanted to share and get some feedback. First, credit where it is due, my rudimentary efforts here are really just a remix of the wonderful work that @semiticgoddess has already made available via their 'Simplified Psionicist Kit' available on these very forums. They were very kind in giving me permission to share my edits to their kit. As with the Simplified Psionicist kit mod, this is not a PnP Psionics adaptation, it's simply a monk that has mind magic. I've tried to add a pinch of flavor not out of place with the existing EE monk kits but the name 'Ascendant Mind' is homebrewed and not a PnP faction. I've modeled the kit to be more in line with the Sun Soul/Dark Moon kit progression as well, but I believe it's a bit (maybe a lot? I'm still working on a BG1 run) more powerful overall. Here's the class description and abilities:

Ascendant Mind Monk

Monks following the path of the Ascendant Mind, more commonly known as ascendants, seek self mastery through rigorous physical and mental training. In addition to being a skilled hand to hand fighter, the ascendant uses <PRO_HISHER> mind to control and manipulate the world around <PRO_HIMHER>. The ascendant makes <PRO_HISHER> way through the realms, seeking out hidden knowledge and powerful opponents, striving for total perfection of self.



- Gains special innate abilities as the ascendant gains levels. All of an ascendant's powers are instant-casting and bypass magical resistance (saving throws still apply though!):
- Level 2: May use Mind Blast once per day. Gains an extra use at level 6 and 10.
- Level 3: May use Farsight once per day. Farsight gains an extra use at level 7 and 11.
- Level 4: May use Psionic Blast once per day. Gains an extra use at level 8 and 12.
- Level 5: May use Psychometabolism (Regeneration that scales up in duration and/or power every 5 levels thereafter) once per day, which improves as the monk's power grows.
- Level 9: May use Mirror Image once per day.
- Level 11: Gains Psionic Shield, an enhanced Mind Shield equivalent to the spell Chaotic Commands.
- Level 13: Psionic Domination. Gains an extra casting at level 19.
- May invest points into the Detect Illusion skill.
- Gains access to a unique HLA in addition to standard monk HLAs: Psionic Maze

- Same armor, weapon, race restrictions as regular monk kits
- Does not learn Stunning Blow, Lay on Hands, or Quivering Palm.
- Does not learn Mind Shield at level 9. Instead, learns Psionic Shield at level 11.

- Hit Die: d8

I've attached the files for the first version of this kit. You can find the original kit that @semiticgoddess created on this thread:

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