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Simplified Psionicist Kit

semiticgodsemiticgod Member Posts: 14,511
edited September 2019 in General Modding
I've always wanted to be able to use Psionic Blast and other psionics in Baldur's Gate, but the psionics mods I've found tend to try to replicate PnP rules, which don't quite match the psionic spells you see from mind flayers and githyanki in BG2. Instead, I cooked up a simplified system that gives the character per-day uses of the same kind of psionics that enemies use, with some slight nerfs for balance purposes. To keep things simple, I made this Psionicist a fighter kit, and rather than imposing item restrictions, I just limited it to 1 proficiency point in any weapon or weapon style and cut its HP. The kit is less effective as a tank and damage dealer than a normal fighter, but still just as versatile.

I wanted the player to have much the same powers as enemies, but since enemy psionic spells don't scale very well in ToB, I gave the Psionicist some custom HLAs based on those of other classes, including a 1-round Time Stop, a 3-round weapon immunity spell, a weaker Hardiness that also blocks magical damage, and a nonmagical Feeblemind effect.

Kit Description:

A Psionicist uses his or her mind to control and manipulate the world around them. Generally self-taught, Psionicists train their brains and sharpen their latent powers, gaining powers that are alien even to wizards and priests. A psionicist may levitate objects, create energy from nothing, and even seize control of the minds of other sentient beings with nothing more than a thought.



- +1 Intelligence
- Gains special innate abilities as the Psionics gains levels. All of a Psionicist's powers are instant-casting and bypass magical resistance:
- Level 1: Mind Blast. Gains an extra casting every 3 levels after.
- Level 2: Ballistic Attack. Gains an extra casting every 4 levels after.
- Level 3: Ego Whip. Gains an extra casting every 5 levels after.
- Level 4: Detonate. Gains an extra casting every 6 levels after.
- Level 5: Psionic Blast. Gains an extra casting every 7 levels after.
- Level 6: Psionic Disjunction. Gains an extra casting every 8 levels after.
- Level 7: Psionic Domination. Gains an extra casting every 9 levels after.
- Level 8: Cure Serious Wounds. Gains an extra casting every 10 levels after.
- Level 9: Planar Travel. Gains an extra casting every 11 levels after.
- Level 10: Psionic Maze. Gains an extra casting every 12 levels after.


- Can only attain Proficiency (one point) any weapon or weapon style
- Only gains 1d6 HP per level

High-Level Abilities:

- Psionic Shield
- Mental Deconstruction
- Psionic Mantle
- Astral Comet
- Psionic Stasis
- Diffusion
- Psychometabolism
- Psionic Backlash

Prime Requisite For Dual-Classing: Intelligence

- Hit Die: d6

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