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Transferring saves from one device to another. Android

I've been lurking trough this forum, and didn't find any fitting result.
How to transfer BG:EE saves game and progress from my phone to tablet device?

Thanks for help in advance!


  • Fraction91Fraction91 Member Posts: 3
    You might've found the way by now, but in case you or anyone else haven't...

    You can access the saves for the game in Android by looking inside this folder:

    The folders you find inside "save" are all your saves, which you can then transfer to your tablet device (perhaps by using usb cable, bluetooth, or other means).
  • funkknucklefunkknuckle Member Posts: 3
    It seems like accessing "android/data/etc" doesn't work in some newer versions of android. For example, on my new galaxy tab, I can't access those directories, but I can on my older galaxy phone. What works in this situation is to copy the files to my older phone, then use the smart switch app to transfer the game over. Big hassle, but it works.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,501
    Seems like it's device-specific, though, not only OS-specific.
  • OzuOzu Member Posts: 1
    has anyone figured this out yet? I want to continue my save game in my new phone but haven't been able to move it over also tried the smart switch thing but for some reason, it did not work...
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