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Android 12 Save files location and access


I can't locate the save files on my phone. I know that the save files are supposed to be in Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/save. But when I open the com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition folder its empty. I tried using the default file explorer, Total Commander, X-plore and Solid explorer and still nothing ( I have given all the required permissions). I also tried to access them with a PC when I connected the phone via USB and still the same, the folder is empty ( I have set hidden folders to be visible). I searched the issue online the for the past week with no solution found. The issue seems to be only in Android 11 and 12. Something to do with said files being accessible only to the game and not to the user. Seems to be kinda common but a bit weird because there seems to be people on android 11 with no issue at all.

This is kinda big deal for me because I want to transfer the saves from phone to pc and vice versa.

If it matters my phone is the Samsung S22 ultra running Android 12.

Thanks allot :smile::smiley:


  • Bruce_VenneBruce_Venne Member, Moderator, Developer Posts: 4

    Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce the issue on my device. But it a different device than yours, so I looked into if the Samsung S22 Ultra and there are reports of the same issue with other apps. Here's a link:

    I also found a thread suggesting other file mangers that have helped.

    I hope this helps.
  • b0b3rmanb0b3rman Member Posts: 2
    Thank a ton for the reply.

    Well it seems it's an issue with samsung devices maybe after the S21 line. No luck with a solution though :'( .

    Thanks again though for the detailed reply! :)
  • nenjihnenjih Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with s22 ultra. Basically, I can't access anything in the android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition folder (same for SOD and BGII). So I can't transfer saves between phone and PC or to a new phone if I upgrade down the track. Also means I can't add edited files into the override subfolder. It really sucks.
  • BlueLagoonBlueLagoon Member Posts: 1
    S21 and I have that too. I would like to enable the debug console or use mods but no read or write access to com.beamdog folders inside. However nwn ee will show files in the data folder, but no read or write to just the user folder where save data or modules go. Bg1,2, Sod, and iwd all do it to me.
  • CazaboCazabo Member Posts: 1
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  • tdkjessetdkjesse Member Posts: 2
    This is demonstrably a problem with Beamdog specifically, and it is unacceptable how long this has gone unaddressed!

    Your common practice is to point to years old articles about how file managers can solve the issue. Well, newsflash, there's a whole new issue since then.

    You could easily recognize this at any point by using a file manager yourselves. Navigate to Android/data. Try to access Beamdog folders. You'll be denied or see nothing. Then try to access ANY other data folder. Let's use MTG:A for example. Hey, there's all my files...

    If this was an Android problem, then ALL folders in Android/data would have the same problem.

    For record I am using a Pixel 6 Pro.
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