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Sequencer bug on Switch is still there after 3 years! That's completely irresponsible.

When my sorcerer casts Minor Sequencer spell the screen greys out and game freezes.
People has been reporting this bug since 2019, but 3 years have passed and nothing has been done to fix this.

Sequencer spell is an iconic spell in D&D CRPG series, THIS IS NOT A SMALL DEAL. Please Beamdog take your responsibility and fix this.


  • AlmostdeadAlmostdead Member Posts: 5
  • AlmostdeadAlmostdead Member Posts: 5
    Apparently same thing happens to Contingency and Spell Sequencer. And I have reported this bug through their website but didn't receive any response from Beamdog. I guess they're going to ignore it.
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