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Icewind Dale on consoles master bug list (videos and screenshots)

UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
Having played through everything about one-and-a-half times and gotten up to ninth level spells, I think I'm done with Icewind Dale on the Nintendo Switch for now. I've been taking videos and screenshots and compiling information to be able to share the bugs I encountered here. For better video quality, I recommend clicking through to Twitter and watching it directly there, not sure if that's something others experience or if it's only true for me.

This first set of bugs were described in this thread. Essentially, every contingency and sequencer is broken.

This XP bug was mentioned in this thread.

This spell-sharing bug was one I explored in this thread.

The rest of these I have not seen mentioned anywhere else.

This next bug is quite severe and I constantly struggled with it throughout the game.

Finally some very minor display bugs and issues.



  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,185
    The sequencer/contingency issue is interesting, because that's the same issue that mod-added sequencers/contingencies had when v2.0 was first released.

    The cone area-display being off is present in all versions/platforms of the game, it occurs for any cone that is not exactly 90 degrees. It was reported on redmine, before redmine was nuked. Odd they would enable the feature on consoles without fixing it first. (it's only available on PC through baldur.lua editing).

    The Grease audio is only slightly better on other platforms as well, it's just a generally unpleasant sound to begin with, though it does sound louder in your video. At least for PC, it's not present in BG2EE because some of the sound files are just missing from that game.
    #IcewindDale frequently crashes to the #NintendoSwitch menu when trying to access priest or mage spellbooks. Have not found any rhyme or reason behind it, it might not happen for ages or it might happen immediately. Consistent enough that I can plan to break it and take video:
    This appears very similar to a known and already fixed bug on PC's (I believe it was during the early v2.x betas, when the new UI was first introduced). Going from Mage Spell Book L8 or L9 to the Priest Spell Book would crash the game, as it attempts to load the last visited spell level, and the Priest Spell Book doesn't have a L8 or L9 page.
    As the Luremaster tells you, these chests are all supposed to be trapped except one, but if you simply loot them instead of closing them immediately, the trap never goes off. Notice how I trigger the final one by backing out.
    This is doable on PC as well, though a lot harder to pull off. I can't tell for certain, but it looks like the Console version is autopausing when you open the container, is that correct? It would make it far simpler to pull off, as on PC you have to pause the moment you open it, remove the item, then close the chest before unpausing.

  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
    That's all really interesting info.

    I haven't played these games too much on PC but what little experimentation I've done has highlighted some notable differences, including some things you mentioned.

    I actually prefer playing on console for a few reasons, and one of them is the increased "interactive object" info when you enable that option. Rather than just showing lootable containers, on console it highlights all exit geometry in green, and all examinable objects in white, which actually reveals some screwed up looking geometry for some of them (never really meant to be seen). So I'm not surprised the cones are also enabled, it seems like they erred on the side of giving more information and user friendly options wherever possible.

    That also includes autopausing while looting, you're right, I noticed that was different from the PC version too, which would explain that issue.

    Without having fully tested that spellbook theory I think it's easy to say that's probably it, you can see that's exactly what happened in the video, I was on spell level 8 and then went to view a priest's spellbook. In I write this I am playing Siege of Dragonspear on the other cartridge, and I just triggered the bug: viewed mage spell level 8 on my my main character, switched over to Viconia and opened her spellbook, immediate crash. The silly thing is, if I have my mage book open to 8, close it, then open it again, it doesn't even return to 8. It starts over at 1. So it doesn't even have the advantage of returning you to where you left off.

    To me the grease sound reminds me of a similar audio bug that happened to me in Baldur's Gate on console, here (no active spells in the area, it just sounds like this all the time):

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