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Something that striked me about bg1 cameos on this game.

I just wanted to express a thought i had with the BG community, i dont know if im the only one on this boat, but i´ve come to believe, over time, whoever made BG2 story, absolutely hated BG1 characters.

From outright murdering them and getting rid of them ( which is not inherently bad) to outright treating them like trash, its unbelievable the disservice the bg1 characters get in bg2:

a quick recap;

Khalid, dies like a dog not even 5 minutes into the game, ok sometimes characters die, it can enhance the story, im not opposed to this, in this case enhances jaheira story

Dynaheir, again dead, not that anyone cares about her, but ok another one

Monty, absolutely brootal treatment, dies and is literally stuffed on a box !!! Whoever wrote that absolutely hated him.

Xzar, another cool character whose only sin is being evil, destined to die, nothing i can do to save him, again dead unless you avoid him.

Ajantis- again dead, not that i care, but why bring him to kill him ????

Safana- again another cool character you cant recruit, destinated to die by plot.

Faldorn- again destinated to die, no way to save her or to recruit her.

Garrick, token cameo, decently done ? At least he doesnt die by plot.

Tiax, again, forced to die, cant recruit him. WTF ???

Thoughts ?


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,369
    edited January 25
    I wouldn't call it hatred. I think it was some voting which NPCs would make it into BGII, and then take some off so there is room for new ones. The other appearances is just cameos, but without the risk people think they could be taken along again. and how do you prevent NPCs to stand around and outright decline to travel with the PC again? You make them die.
    Think about all the hatred SoD collected for having
    being there but flat out not joining the PC. Just a different idea I had.
  • DhariusDharius Member Posts: 526

    Quayle "sorry I've got this Circus to run.." and,

    Coran - either killed by wolfweres or too cut up about Safana (see above). What a sap....
  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,298
    Some of the characters offed in BG2 get more screentime in SoD which helps to explain their reactions and circumstances in BG2. I was never a fan of Xzar and Montaron though. ;P
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