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IWDEE Modfiles with Extra Areas, Quests and NPCs

GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,915
Hi All,


Firstly, a big thank you to all those wonderful modders for creating these mods. Without them I would have stopped playing years ago! Now for those who can't get them working on their Android device, here they are.

This is an updated version of the modfiles created for located here...

Download: ~262MB ~277MB

Attached: WeiDU.logs


EEUITweaks - CLUAConsole for Mobile (Long press on top left icon to open) (for Non PP version)
PocketPlayUI v2.12 (for PP Version - has it's own CLUAConsole)

Areas & Quests:
Below & Below Inn v2.3
Night of the Blinking Dead v3.01
Tale of Our Lady Dreamless v2.6
Terror of the Skineater v2.3
Snowytoes Hamlet v1.3
The Rediscovery of Kuldahar v2.3

Animal Companions For All Rangers & Druids v1.6

Icewind Dale NPCs v9
Afaaq, the Djinni Companion v2.9
Minerva NPC for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition: v1.1
Karihi NPC for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition: v1.01
Dendjelion NPC for IWD:EE v1.4
Dusky NPC for IWD:EE v2.4.1
Ina NPC for IWD:EE: v2.1
Oak-Maw NPC for IWD:EE: v3.1
Orra NPC for IWD:EE: v2.2
Tipps NPC for IWD:EE: v2.2
T'viy NPC for IWD:EE: v2.3
Urchin NPC for IWD:EE v2.3
Turald NPC for IWD:EE v0.9

Icewind Dale Crossmod Banter Pack: 1.6 (with romance conflicts installed, 15 min timer)

Thrown Hammers: v6.1.1
Short Sword of Backstabbing (PnP): v1.1
Enchant the Missile Launchers 1.0
More Styles for Mages v1.57
Wand Case: v1.3
Findit-IWD - an item pack for IWDEE v2.6
Forgeit-IWD - adds a set of 8 new powerful artifacts v1.8
Weasels! v3.4
House Rules for IWDEE v1.1
More Scrolls for IWD:EE: v1.0

Radziel Universal Wizard Spells: 2.8

Geomantic Sorcerer Kit: v7
A Frosty Journey: The IWDEE Kitpack v2.93
Barbarian-Shaman pseudo-multiclass for IWDEE: 0.1
Improved Shamanic Dance: 4.4
Chaos Sorcerer: Wild Magic Kit for Sorcerers v2.8
Runescarred Berserker v 1.0 for IWD EE
Duskblade v1.1

Tweaks Anthology v16 (Various)
Bigger Bard Song
aTweaks v4.53 (Various)
JimFix v2.5 (Various)
Free Action Override (PnP) v2.0

Battle Music for IWDEE
1PP v4.0.1 Smart Avatar and Armour Switching
Portraits Portraits Everywhere (PPE) v1.01


Note: Dialog.tlk needs to be renamed to play the modfile. If you are unsure how, see below.

Difference with this and the previous version is no need to unpack the files!

To install:
- Download the files to your device and place into the game's /Files folder
- Delete any previous modfiles
- Delete or rename any /Lang folder you may have had
- Delete or rename any current 'override' folder you may have had
- Make sure you have removed the games access to dialog.tlk (see below if unsure)

You should have the following structure:
Android/data/com.beamdog.icewinddale/files/baldur.lua (File - game config file)

You might have some other folders as well such as:
- ./files/music
- ./files/portraits (Folder - place custom portraits)
- ./files/save (Folder - save games location)
- ./files/scripts (Folder - place custom scripts here)
- ./files/sounds (Folder - place custom voice files here)
If you don't have these and want to add, just create the folder.
If you add custom voice files manually, these will not have subtitles. If you want subtitles, then you need to have the custom voice files added as a mod.

- You are now ready to test, if the games crash, then make sure you don't have the modfile located inside the /Files folder as it may clash with itself. If the game plays, then you should be good to play on.

To uninstall:
- Delete the modfile
- Rename your dialog.tlk in the patch.obb
- You should now be back and running vanilla.

If this is the first modfile that you have used, you may need to remove access to the games vanilla dialog.tlk (and dialogf.tlk if it exists). Having both the modded version and vanilla version can cause some confusion within the game and result in INVALID text.

Removing access to vanilla dialog.tlk/dialogf.tlk:

- Make a backup of 'Android/data/com.beamdog.icewinddale/' to anywhere not in its folder (this is just a safety measure so that if it goes wrong, you don't need to redownload it). If you don't have the space then that is fine and this step can be skipped. It just means a download later of the file. (xxx = a number)

- Install 'RAR for Android' if you don't have it (free version in the Google Play store is fine). I know this one works, not sure about other compression software. There have been reports of some other compression software not working due to default compression. This file is not to be compressed, but as an uncompressed container only.

- Open a File Manager and navigate to 'Android/data/com.beamdog.icewinddale/'
- Long press on '' and rename to ''
- Short press on '' which should open the file allowing you to look at the contents. If it asks which program to use, then direct it to RAR.
- inside the file, navigate to '/lang/en_US/' (or which ever language you are using), long press on 'dialog.tlk' and rename to 'dialog.klt' (it can be anything as long as it follows the naming rule. I just reverse the extension so that I remember what it was...).
- Do the same for dialogf.tlk to dialogf.klt if it exists.
- let RAR save the renaming (it takes a little while but you can see when it is finished by looking at the bottom of the app window, it will revert back to the long file name). This method should not change the size of the .obb at all.
- Back out of '' so that you again see the whole file.
- Rename '' back to '' (this is often forgotten; if the game starts to try and redownload the .obb, this is the first place to look for a fix)
- That ends the adjustment for the .obb

If you want to play a vanilla game again, then you can simply go back into the patch.obb and rename dialog.klt back to dialog.tlk or you can get a copy of the vanilla dialog.tlk and copy it to the folder 'Android/data/com.beamdog.icewinddale/files/lang/en_US' (or language you are using)after removing the modded version (or follow you langauge pathing). You may need to create /lang/en_US.

More info for Android 11/12:

Android 11:
A problem may occur if you are using Android 11 and you can't see the /Android/data folder. This can be overcome using the free version of 'X-Plore File Manager' from Google Play. Click on the folder and you will receive some prompts to allow the file manager read-write access.

To edit patch.obb, you will need to copy the patch.obb file out of it's original folder as RAR wont have access, but copying it to your /downloads folder will allow renaming dialog.tlk etc. Just copy it back after renaming.

Android 12: 'X-Plore FM' stopped working for me and I found that I could use 'Files' from Google Play.

Android 13, if that doesn't work, I am unsure what to do next... :( I have Android 13 on my Tablet, Samsung TAB 8 Plus, and the Files method stills works for me but it might be my previous folder permissions being still there...?

I have seen this: "New Loophole to gain access to /Android/Data and Android/obb". I have tested it and it seems to work great... Initial testing only but it could have also worked because of previous permissions...

If you have any problems, let me know and I will see what repairs I can do. If it is mod based, then we will need to go back to modder...

Happy Gaming


  • AzyraAzyra Member Posts: 17
    Olá, boa tarde tudo bem? Vc sabe se existe o mod Region of Terror para a versão mobile? Quero muito jogar com o Drizzt.
  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,173
    Hello, I released version 2.2 of Pocket Play UI++, with IWD specific bug fixes. I recommend implementing that into the modfile.
  • KXHKXH Member Posts: 2
    Delete or rename any /lang folder you may have had

    in the original files or in the mod files?
  • KonponKonpon Member Posts: 7
    edited February 14
    Waiting patiently for that PPUI update in the modfile.
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