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IWDEE Modfile with Extra Areas and NPCs

GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,759
For all those Android players (and PC/Mac if you want to unpack the files..., sorry not sure about IOS) who have been itching to get your hands on the new NPCs and Quests that have been created for IWDEE as well as a couple of the older ones and IWDEE specific kits, here is your chance.

The attached modfile contains the following mods:

Skeleton so that it is not immune to Turn Undead
Whispers of Silence - Non-Detection that works
Icestorm fix for number of rounds (was 3, made 4)
Beserker Enrage Fix
Horror fix duration to 1 Turn
Stinking Cloud Animation
Death Fog Animation
Cloudkill Animation
Fireball Animation
Necromancy Cast Animation

- EEUITweaks v3.6 - CLUAConsole for Mobile (Long press on top left icon to open)

Areas & Quests:
Below & Below Inn v2.5
Night of the Blinking Dead v1.2
Tale of Our Lady Dreamless v2.2
Terror of the Skineater v1.2

Animal Companions For All Rangers & Druids v1.6

Icewind Dale NPCs v7
Afaaq, the Djinni Companion v2.8
Minerva NPC for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition: 1.0
Karihi NPC for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition: 1.0
Dendjelion NPC for IWD:EE
Dusky NPC for IWD:EE
Ina NPC for IWD:EE: 1.1
Oak-Maw NPC for IWD:EE: 1.4
Orra NPC for IWD:EE: v1.0
Tipps NPC for IWD:EE: v1.2
T'viy NPC for IWD:EE: 1.2
Urchin NPC for IWD:EE
Turald NPC for IWD:EE

Icewind Dale Crossmod Banter Pack: 1.0 (with conflicts installed, 30 min timer)

Thrown Hammers: v6.1.0
Short Sword of Backstabbing (PnP): 1.1
Enchant the Missile Launchers
More Styles for Mages v1.56
Wand Case: v1.3
More items for IWD:EE: v2.2
Forgeable artifacts for IWD EE: v1.4
S9 House Rules v1.1

Weasels v2.2
Radziel Universal Wizard Spells: 2.8

Geomantic Sorcerer Kit: v6
A Frosty Journey: The IWDEE Kitpack v2.92
Barbarian-Shaman pseudo-multiclass for IWDEE: 0.1
Improved Shamanic Dance: 4.0
Chaos Sorcerer: Wild Magic Kit for Sorcerers v2.5
Runescarred Berserker v 1.0 for IWD EE
Duskblade v1.1

Tweaks Anthology v9.0 (Various)
Bigger Bard Song
aTweaks v4.53
JimFix v2.5
Free Action Override (PnP) v2.0
Battle Music for IWDEE
1PP v4.0.1 Smart Avatar and Armour Switching
Portraits Portraits Everywhere (PPE) v1.01

Download: (~350MB)

Attached also is the WeiDU.log to show all the mods installed (less fixes).

To Install:
- Remove any previous modfile or override folder
- Copy the modfile to the following folder on your device:

(Should be sitting along side the baldur.lua)

- Start the program and create a new game.

I gave it a quick test on my Note8 but haven't played all the way through. If any problems occur, let me know.

A reminder to those who have used modfiles before, and a notice to those who haven't:

The modfile contents contain specific mod versions and only works with the game version it was created on (in this instance IWDEE When the next version of the game comes out, it will may not work due to any changes within the dialog.tlk. The mods themselves would only be updated when a new release of the modfile is created with the updates included.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Gaming



  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 23
    Will download and test soon . Ill get back to you on any bugs i may come across.

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 23
    hey i downloaded the icewind dale pack. So far i get invalid text on the character creation screen with the added kits I believe. I think you posted the work around somewhere however I don't have a program that lets me edit the tlk folder. is there any other method or did I mess up the installation somehow ? Also btw android 11 doesnt let people look at the android directory folder any more without a pc. I updated my phone and no longer have direct access without my pc .

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,759
    Hi @darthnihilism, now that Android 11 access is just downright annoying (insert expletives where appropriate). Having a quick read about it, it seems to be about the FM being used. I am sure that the 3rd party FMs will get around to making their product compliant (read more desirable) by adding the right permissions.

    With regard to the invalids, this is also disappointing. I was hoping that there was no need to block access to the vanilla dialog.tlk.

    Give this a whirl (if you can with the new permissions getting in the way...)

    - Make a backup of 'Android/obb/com.beamdog.icewinddale/' to anywhere not in its folder (this is just a safety measure so that if it goes wrong, you don't need to redownload it). If you don't have the space then that is fine and this step can be skipped. It just means a download later of the file if a problem occurs (xxx = a number).

    - Install 'RAR for Android' if you don't have it (free in the Google Play store). I know this one works, not sure about other compression software.
    - Open RAR and navigate to 'Android/obb/com.beamdog.icewinddale/'
    - Long press on '' and rename to ''
    - Short press on '' which should open the file allowing you to look at the contents. If it asks which program to use, then direct it to RAR.
    - navigate to '/lang/en_US/', long press on 'dialog.tlk' and rename to 'dialog.klt' (it can be anything as long as it follows the naming rule. I just reverse the extension so that I know what it was...)
    - let RAR save the renaming (it takes a little while but you can see when it is finished by looking at the bottom of the app window, it will revert back to the long file name). This method should not change the size of the .obb at all.
    - Back out of '' so that you again see the whole file.
    - Rename '' back to '' (this is often forgotten; if the game starts to try and redownload the .obb, this is the first place to look for a fix)
    - That ends the adjustment for the .obb

    - Navigate to 'Android/data/com.beamdog.icewinddale/files/', either by RAR or your normal File Manager. Install the modfile vide previous instructions.
    - Make sure that '' or '' is in the root sitting beside 'Baldur.lua'

    You can now exit out of the File Manager / RAR and try and start the game. Hopefully all goes well this time.

    If it doesn't start, could you let me know whether it doesn't attempt to start (ie: a quick open, then close straight away without any error messages) or it comes with a message that it couldn't start. If the game tries to redownload the .obb, it means that something went wrong with renaming dialog.tlk in the .obb. If that is the case, restart the device (so that the download will cancel), delete '', replace it with the backup and repeat the steps above.

    If you don't get access, then you can also copy the patch.x.obb to your PC harddrive and make the changes there. The only thing is that you will need to make sure that the file size of the .obb is exactly (to the bit) the same size. You 'may' also need to apply centralfix to it.

    Hope that fixes the problem

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 23
    I can not do anything with the tlk file of any significance. I extract the obb file to my desktop and use rar to view it and navigate to the lang folder. It lets me extract the english tlk file and edit it but i have no way of patching itr back into the obb file for whatever reason.

    ps. sorry my grammar is pretty shite

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,759
    Sorry @darthnihilism, I neglected to mention that if you take the .obb to the desktop, just open the file with WinRAR, navigate to the dialog.tlk and rename it there, then let it save. No need to extract. I have done this previously and it didn't change the bit size of the file, but it is always good to make sure.

    To check, right click on patch.obb and look at the properties; Size: xxx (xxx Bytes).

    Check prior to renaming dialog.tlk and after. It is the size in Bytes that need to match.

    If it matches and the game tries to redownload the .obb, then you need to apply Centralfix to patch.obb so that it can be read by the game. I just tried it on my PC and there was no change in size and no need to apply centralfix, but just in case...

    Trying that also explains why the modfile worked on my device with no problems... I must have renamed my dialog.tlk earlier.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 23
    idk why for whatever reason I can't seem to edit the tlk file with my version of winzip for whatever reason.

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 23
    could you make me a version of the tlk file to download this bs is irritating the hell out of me. I believe i did everything you instructed but as i said earlier my winzip wont let me even get into the obb file to see the lang folder. I was using another program breez zip it didn't let me do anything either.

  • darthnihilismdarthnihilism Member Posts: 23
    sorry not the tlk i meant the obb with the tlk file modded please would be eternally grateful.

  • inethineth Member Posts: 606
    Gusinda wrote: »
    Skeleton so that it is not immune to Turn Undead
    Whispers of Silence - Non-Detection that works
    Icestorm fix for number of rounds (was 3, made 4)
    Beserker Enrage Fix
    Horror fix duration to 1 Turn
    Stinking Cloud Animation
    Death Fog Animation
    Cloudkill Animation
    Fireball Animation
    Necromancy Cast Animation

    Are these fixes available as mods for the PC version, or did you do them "by hand" in NearInfinity?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,759
    HI @darthnihilism, and sorry about the delay. The Xmas and New Years were a bit busy...

    It probably isn't a good idea to distribute the software (.obb file) like that... I think we can get this going on your device. Have you tried copying the .obb to a location on your device that RAR would be able to access? Somewhere like /Downloads or /Documents should be fine and edit it there.

    The only problem I would see is trying to get the .obb back into place with the fodler current restrictions. Did you try the method that I sent via PM at all? By the looks of various discussions around the net, this should work (at least to copy into the folder), not sure about editing it in place. The other way of course is if you have a PC where you could then just use Windows Explorer to copy the files around.

    Hope that works

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,759
    edited January 7
    Hi @ineth, They aren't WeiDU mods as such, but standalone files to throw into the override folder. I have been picking them up around the traps (certainly some from within this forum) as I see them and putting them into my 'fix' folder, which I then copy into the 'override' before modding the game. The animation fixes were only recent so you would think I would remember where...

    Doesn't really help, does it...

    Edit: Found the animation fixes...

    Edit 2: Beserker Enrage Fix

    Edit 3: Icestorm Fix I manually did from this discussion.

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