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What's your favorite artwork/map in all BG games?

SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,158
Hello all,

Sometimes when you play the game for the umpfteenth time, it's hard to appreciate the artwork 'cause you've seen it so many times already. But I took the time just for fun and went through all the maps to actually look at the artwork and see if I could find a favorite. It was hard! The games have many beautiful maps and artwork and it was hard to find a favorite. So I thought, what do others think?

I couldn't decide on just one but I've kept it down to the top three I like. Do you agree, do you disagree? Post YOUR favorite artwork and state your reasons for loving that (or those) one(s) below. I'd love to see what you guys think.

My favorite BG1 open map is this little map. It's insignificant from a playthrough point of view, but if I had to settle down in any area on the sword coast, this might just be the place I would build my home:

My favorite stronghold map is by far the one and only Gnoll Stronghold. This map is just perfect in every way. Now if ONLY we could actually enter the stronghold, but one can dream. The details on this map is ridiculously good:

I think most of the art in BG1 is better on average, but I think this map stands out as something special. It's the Tethir Forest and even if it can be a PITA to run around the walkable areas on the fallen trees, it's truly spectular:

So, hit me with your favorite map/areas! All input is welcome, in door areas, outdoors, BG1, SoA, BG2, ToB. I've not included IWD here, but feel free if you want to do that!

Cheers mates.

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