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How do you use cheats in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition?

I got to a part that I can't seem to pass no matter how many times I try (the statues in The Watchers Keep) and would like to know how to cheat to bypass this step (as cowardly as that maybe I am at wit's end.)


  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,671
    edited October 2018
    @2088432: Have you checked a walkthrough? You need a bell, book, and candle (check the chests in the area) to place on the altar to start the ritual to awaken the statues, and in order to open the book to the right page, you need to enter the far north chamber, where the lich is, and click on his tomb after either appeasing him (give him his slippers) or killing him.

    Once you've clicked on the tomb, it should say you found a note. Then you can put the bell, book, and candle on the altar, at which point you'll be prompted for the ritual's order (I think it's "bell, bell, candle, book, bell"). Once you get the right combination, the statues will awaken, and when they're defeated, the portal to the next area will open.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,858
    edited October 2018
    no need to cheat at all.
    @semiticgod told how to activate the statues.
    if your problem is that the statues kill you on a regular basis then the thing is different. possible solutions:
    1. wait until you have some more levels, a very experienced player can clear that level and most of the others below it (the deeper you go the harder the battles) at low soa level, let's say chap 2 after a couple of quests. but WK is intended to be played at ToB levels, or eventually at high SoA ones.
    2. lower the game difficulty if you are not playing on easy, not ideal but way better than cheating to win easy with no merit.
    3. use efficient and sound tactics, send summons to draw the attention of casters and use all the area, you can fight in the room where the statues are or you can lure them in little groups in the previous rooms, where maybe your thief has set some traps. a low level party can not just trade hits with the statues and hope to survive.
    4. spam cntrl-K and/or ctrl-R, win easy, and enjoy the loot, but please don't be proud of it. just joking, please don't do it...

  • 20884322088432 Member Posts: 103
    Thank you, my problem was I dropped some of the scrolls somewhere and didn't remember the sequence. Thank you for the help I probably could have googled this but the thought didn't cross my mind.

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