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What Countdown Should I Do Next?

Ok so a few days ago I did a Top 10 BG Dungeons list, and I liked it so much that I decided to do another Top 10 list. To prevent spam I'm not going to do one until November but i wanted everyone's opinion on which list I should do next. Depending on which list I do it may take longer.

What Countdown Should I Do Next? 15 votes

Top 10 Background Characters
JuliusBorisovThacoBellVallmyrsmyth25semiticgoddessLudwig_II 6 votes
Top 10 NPCs
Gotural 1 vote
Top 10 Secondary Villains
DJKajuruNoon 2 votes
Top 10 Sidequests
Timbo0o0o0smady3 2 votes
Other: I'm Open to Suggestions
SethDavisKamigoroshiFinneousPJlroumen 4 votes


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