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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • Serg_BlackStriderSerg_BlackStrider Member Posts: 159
    edited October 2018
    @semiticgod :

    Do you per chance remember at what level (amount of exp) Imoen re-joined you in Spellhold? I'm running BGT now, have her through BG1 as pure thief and then dualed to mage at the end of Irenicus' dungeon at level 11. I believe, unlike ordinary BG2, there is one character file of her (imoen1.cre) in BGT instead of imoen11/imoen13 to determine her stats/level in Spellhold. And after I cleared all pre-Spellhold areas (save for Liches, Dragons, Guarded Compound and Twisted Rune) my average party level was 13. But when Imoen rejoined me in Spellhold, she has something like 220000 (Thief 11 level I dualed her) + 75000 exp (I don't remember exact value but something like that). This is just silly low if you ask me... I just want to know what the case of it in EET.


    I've checked ar1512 area script:

    RESPONSE #100

    so she actually start with + 305000 exp in Spellhold. Still too low.

    edit 2:

    By Ascension64 from shsforums:
    8. Yes, Imoen will remain as a thief if you do not dual-class. When you rescue her from Spellhold she will gain 305000 XP.

    I don't think I want to run BGT ever again... :/

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  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,507
    @Serg_BlackStrider: In my install, Imoen joined the party in Spellhold at 1,250,000 XP, jumping from level 11 to 15. I think you need to dual-class her in BG1, like the original BG2 assumed, if you want her to be a good Mage/Thief instead of simply a thief.

  • Serg_BlackStriderSerg_BlackStrider Member Posts: 159
    edited October 2018

    @Serg_BlackStrider: In my install, Imoen joined the party in Spellhold at 1,250,000 XP, jumping from level 11 to 15. I think you need to dual-class her in BG1, like the original BG2 assumed, if you want her to be a good Mage/Thief instead of simply a thief.

    Thanks! I don't think it will change much if I dual her in BG1 in that case (BGT setup) assuming how ar1512 script work. Since I want her Thief lvl 11 (for 100 locks/traps/detect illusions) before dual, I'll better tweak that script to match player1 level instead in the future.

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  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,507
    @Enuhal: I had no idea any of that could happen. As far as I knew, the encounter was just about preventing the fire elemental coming out or killing it. What's this "portal" spawning in all those salamanders and mephits?

  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 489
    @semiticgod Well, the portal seems to appear if one fails to interrupt the mage on the bridge casting their spell, apparently. It's impossible to interact with it, and it keeps spawning groups of fire mephits, fire salamanders, efreeti, fire elementals, greater fire elementals and the like. Maybe it only appears on insane difficulty, or maybe it was secretly added in in a recent patch? I don't know. What I do know is that if you're somehow able to defeat a certain (very high) number of waves before either getting killed or having them kill the barrels (which is the more likely outcome if one isn't prepared for such a huge battle), the portal will disappear.

    I haven't actually found any descriptions of this portal battle online, which seems strange. This is a completely mod-free installation as well, so I would've expected someone to have encountered the same problem as I did. I should also note that this occured after assaulting the crusader camp, not surrendering it, so maybe the encounter plays out differently if you surrender? It seems like some tests are required.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 673

    @Enuhal: I had no idea any of that could happen. As far as I knew, the encounter was just about preventing the fire elemental coming out or killing it. What's this "portal" spawning in all those salamanders and mephits?

    @Enuhal and @semiticgod
    I have observed the same thing in my latest run. I think its the 2.5 update thats happening.

    Itis barely survived the many fire creatures in my latest run. But I was buffed and had 4 apr at sub zero thaco... it helped (it does that a lot).

  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 489
    edited October 2018
    Okay, I confirmed what @Grond0 and @StummvonBordwehr said with my own tests. The difference between core rules and insane is quite significant here. On core rules, there are ~7 waves, usually of 3 mephits or fire salamanders, 2 lesser fire elementals or 1 fire elemental. On insane, there are 9-10 waves, with much stronger foes, such as 2 greater fire elementals, combinations of 3 fire mephits/3 fire salamanders, 3 fire mephits/2 efreets, 3 fire mephits/2 fire elementals, 3 fire slamanders/2 efreets, 3 fire salamanders/2 fire elementals and the like. The groups seem to be spawning about every 2 rounds.

    A well-buffed full party should still be able to to kill these spawns quickly enough on insane (with haste, summons and the like), but for people who want to play solo on insane difficulty with turned off extra damage instead of core rules (which is a very reasonable setting), be aware - you will propably need every little bit of damage you can get unless you're able to reliably interrupt the mage summoning the portal.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,309
    'Long-life challenge' - Fighter / Thief (update 2)
    Previous updates:

    I stealthed through most of the Nashkel Mine before trying a backstab on Mulahey. He just survived that, but not the following stroke.

    Nimbul failed to survive his backstab. Tranzig survived both backstab and a first use of LMD, but his attempt to run away failed.

    After picking up the pantaloons I arrived at the Bandit Camp. Most of the external bandits were just meleed, though Taurgosz was softened up first in some pre-laid traps.
    Before going into Tazok's tent though I briefly returned to Beregost. The main purpose of that was to get caught stealing and reduce reputation back to 9 in order to get horror as a next Bhaal power. However, I found to my own horror that I hadn't rested enough since doing the Nashkel Mine and got a second LMD. That's not really a big problem, but as I don't allow any use of healing items, it does mean the Unseeing Eye quest can't be completed in BG2. I took my annoyance out by deciding to kill an interfering busybody for the second time (I can't ever remember doing that before).

    Back at the Bandit Camp, Venkt died without knowing what hit him.
    I had some traps outside, but didn't bother with those as the others were quickly meleed to death. I kept hold of Hakt's bow as that's the best available for shooting non-proficient arrows (essentially for dispelling purposes). I could have disarmed the trap, but chose to use it as usual to kill Ender Sai.

    After resting to get horror, I donated at the Temple to push reputation back to 10 before I forgot and then just ran through the Cloakwood to get to the mine. Genthore was charmed and pulled away first. Kysus was next and he started casting fireball just in case I missed with a backstab - I emphatically didn't though.
    Rezdan also died from a foreign body entering his spine, but not before producing a few monsters to help kill Drasus.

    As my stealth is so poor I fought down to the bottom level before charming the guard. He then soaked up some damage from Davaeorn until it was time to unleash a backstab.

    Arriving at Baldur's Gate I didn't take the opportunity to kill Elminster for a 3rd time. Apart from trying to manage an over-full inventory there were no problems with the city quests as I pushed reputation up to 20. Acquiring the Helm of Glory
    let me do the same to charisma to take a not really advantage of low shop prices. I didn't take any chances at the Iron Throne - fireballs from the shadows being used to kill all except the fighters.

    Back at Candlekeep I had the luxury of not needing to tank the traps for once. I realized too late that I only had one inventory space, so had to drop the Helm of Glory in order to carry both tomes out - there's nothing more to buy at the moment anyway though. I couldn't resist dealing with Prat - another nice backstab making short work of him.

    Back in Baldur's Gate, Slythe was badly injured in traps and failed to get a hit in. Krystin was softened up by a first use of bolts of biting before I finished her off in melee.

    At the Palace one of the dopplegangers died in pre-laid traps. I decided to just melee the others rather than muck about with dispelling them and 2 of them attacked me anyway - the others didn't do too much damage to the dukes.

    After cruising through the maze, fireballs were used to kill the Undercity party - mainly to get an extra couple of exploding arrows from Rahvin. In the temple the same logic saw the lightning trap repeatedly triggered to kill Angelo before he could use any of his 8 exploding arrows. Some running and shooting and a few backstabs then saw off Sarevok.

    F7/T8, 76 HPs (+5 from Helm; -5 from Claw), 448 kills

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