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So who lives in the house at High Hedge?

Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,497

I just killed the Huge Spider lurking outside the house to the west of Thalantyr's High Hedge Estate and I got to wondering who lives in a house like this? Whoever it is only just left because there is smoke coming out of the chimney so a fire is still burning in the grate.

I figure it must be a druid or a ranger type since they are living out of town away from civilisation and have made their home in an area infested with gnolls, skeletons, spiders and bears (oh my!). Maybe it is where Kivan has been living? Or has Thalantyr been doing Airbnb and his tenants ran off as soon as they realised that the comfortable holiday cottage he had advertised wasn't quite as idyllic as he made out?

Image taken from the Dudleyville Baldur's Gate walkthrough:



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