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[BG1 v2.5.17] Korax's self-charm doesn't enable control

agrisagris Member Posts: 571
edited December 2018 in Troubleshooting
In the basilisk area of BG1, Korax the ghoul can befriend the player and should be able to be moved by the player such that it intercepts Gaze attacks. In 2.5.17, after selecting Response 2 (You can be our friend, but you better not do anything that'll make us mad), State 3 is invoked (Me will be good boy, me promise. Me will help you with anything you need) and as dialogue is terminated, korax.dlg specifies that Korax casts CHARM_KORAX on itself.

The bug is that while Korax's selection circle is turned green, it is not selectable for anything other than dialogue-type interaction (although no dialogue window opens). I cannot select it and move it, which is not intended behavior as far as I recall.

CHARM_KORAX invokes SPWI996.SPL, which --change-log shows has not been modified, and uses the state "dire charmed (neutral)". Changing this to either controlled or controlled (no text) does not fix the bug.

There is a small chance this is due to a mod that I have installed, but I have run --change-log on its .cre, .dlg and the relevant .spl and do not see any issues.


edit: I've attached all the associated files

edit2: asked and answered, thank you.

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