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[MOD] Neh'taniel NPC for BG2/BG2 EE

KitannaKitanna Member Posts: 58
edited April 2019 in BGII:EE Mods
Sir Neh'taniel will now work for old BG2 as well as BG2 EE. For those of you unfamiliar with him ...

The main point of creating this mod is to introduce an NPC that isn't primarily one-sided in personality, has a whole history of his own, and isn't a pushover.
While Neh'taniel isn't easily bruise-able, he'll very easily die if you try to make him fight a dragon solo. Neh'taniel considers himself to be at the same 'level' of the PC, and will point out conflicting choices the PC makes.
The Sir Neh’taniel Mod Pack adds this to BGII:

+ Judicial Knight, Neh’taniel of the Amaunatori, is an NPC who can join your party.
+ He is Lawful Neutral, Wraith, and a Judicial Knight paladin class.
+ He will romance an elf, half elf, human, halfling or gnome female pc of non evil alignment if she is not a thief, or an NPC.
+ He comes with special abilities that grow stronger when he reaches certain levels.
+ He does not become abducted by Bodhi, something else happens....
+ He gets turned into something else in the Underdark....
+ His sword has dialogue, even with the only other talking sword in the game.
+ A journal that will update itself when certain levels of experience are reached.
+ Custom items and spells oh my!
+ Custom paladin kit.
+ Yes, a cheesy theme song.
+ A voice pack.
+ Neh'taniel banters with many of the other joinable NPCs.
+ This mod also introduces other custom characters: Viduan and Sarie.
+ Restoration of the Bioware Slave Lord Quest.

You can find him by doing the Cult of the Unseeing Eye Quest. He is outside the Temple passed the bridge puzzle.

He has a forum with more info here ...

The download link, however, will not work for this version or future ones as @CoM_Solaufein has to do that so...
I will put it here.

Also, you can visit here

I hope you enjoy Neht as much as I enjoyed writing him.

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