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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



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    King's Bounty undead runs
    Previous updates:

    With decent numbers of vampires and ancient vampires, live enemies of roughly equal nominal strength have no real chance. There's still a need to beware the chance of critical hits from stronger enemies, but the use of an ice ball against missile units and weakness / fear / trap / slow against others can manage that. I was able to clear everything in the Creiston Mines without any problems, including giving the Baron in the castle a good kicking.

    In order to avoid losing any creatures it's important to keep at as high a strength as possible while moving through the game. Hence I went back to the Freedom Islands to kill all but a few of the stacks there. That got me up to level 14 prior to the final combat in the area with another boss monster - this time a kraken. Rage abilities can't be used against those, but by this time I had got a full frenzy bonus of +6 to attack every time an enemy stack is killed - greatly increasing damage done. Although the size of the summoned stacks increases over time, the kraken was dead well before they were any threat.

    After a few tidying up tasks I went to the dwarven areas. Typically I try and pretty much clear those in sequence, but this time I decided to go rapidly through to Ardan's Peaks, where a vampire ring was on sale (adding 20% to HPs of vampires). I was nearly there when I attacked an enemy with a large stack of cannoneers. They have a very damaging special salvo ability and their first attack killed 70% of the ancient vampires. However, the cannoneers took a lot of damage from an ice orb in return and after being slowed couldn't then move away from it in order to shoot again. At that point the battle was essentially won, but care was still needed and I forgot to renew slow on the cannoneers. They then moved away from the ice orb and once more chose to use their salvo on the ancient vampires. Though there were far fewer of them by this time and they did less than half the damage of their opening attack, the ancient vampires hadn't recovered a lot yet and the damage was just enough to kill all those remaining.
  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,281
    Enuhal said:

    Now, on to Rayic. I wanted to try out a strategy that has been mentioned many times in this thread - triggering the fireball trap in his room purpose with an immune party member multiple times. However... I misremembered which of the two traps in his room was the fireball one. Ouranos, who was protected with storm shield (which grants immunity to several elements, including fire) tried to execute my plan - only to confidentely walk up to the wrong trapped contained, triggering a deadly acid trap with 94 damage - and it just so happens that acid is the one element storm shield is completely useless against. Ouranos not only died, he also got chunked.

    Ouch - good luck with the diminishing party :o.
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