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How is it?



  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,780
    And that those forum rules are enforced by mods who are currently reading this thread.

  • Woolie_WoolWoolie_Wool Member Posts: 156
    ThacoBell said:

    A reminder that forum rules require us to be respectful of one another.

    That's why I said that he and I have nothing more to discuss instead of what I really wanted to say but thought better of. There is absolutely no point in arguing with someone like him, he has chosen not to see already.

  • Teo_liveTeo_live Member Posts: 187
    edited March 2017
    ..."We are enemies"? ....Erm well ok sure? :|

    The only thing I will say on the matter is a reminder to everyone of the OP's topic for discussion:
    "I have read some various reviews about this game. Is it a fun play or is it a let down? Next, I read that some writer is a "SJW" and there is some liberal notions that were put into the game, such as, gay and/or transgender characters? If that is true, is it annoyingly obvious or easily dismissed and not a hinder to enjoyment?"

    As everyone can clearly see, it is intended to be a political discussion to some degree. Naturally politics will cause some friction (imho this level of heat is not disrespectful, so long as it doesn't escalate out of hand). If anyone cannot handle viewpoints ranging through the progressive-conservative spectrum than it is probably a good idea to NOT view this thread (or any thread where the word "SJW" or "Mizhena" is used in the op for that matter).

    Anyway time to get back on topic. Hopefully I will be able to answer soon if "liberal notions" exist more/less in a evil-playthough. So far seems about the same as a good-playthrough, but I have only just started so I could be wrong (I'm still in baldur's gate lol).

  • rapsam2003rapsam2003 Member Posts: 1,636
    Just when you figured the discussion was over, right?...

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    As long as people have different opinions, it will never be over. If it STAYS a discussion, rather than bickering or personal attacks, I would say its a good thing though. Discussion is always welcome.

  • former_customerformer_customer Member Posts: 111
    ThacoBell said:

    As long as people have different opinions, it will never be over. If it STAYS a discussion, rather than bickering or personal attacks, I would say its a good thing though. Discussion is always welcome.

    While I agree, I'm not sure that view is widely held here.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    My views rarely are haha

  • VitharVithar Member Posts: 70
    I remember Fallout 2 back in the days where you could marry Miria as a female character and no one actually gave a sh*t.

    It's not about the gay and trans (or whatever they call it nowdays) thing , it's about how they / the developers / writers present it to the gamers.

    The ones i mentioned about are adult people at their 25+ to even 50+ and they should know that people are not equal , no matter if we speak about irl or in game.
    You cannot compare Melissan to a random Mage or Cleric you meet in a random Temple or Demogorgon to the random Gnome that passes the street.

    Yet these random Mage , Cleric or Gnome can be a part of something much bigger or give you something that the above mentioned strong entities can not!

    It's about ''professional'' writing that is neutral to all the bullsh*t and pseudo modern garbage that plagues peoples life every day.

    As for the gameplay ... the expansion is great and i like all the new items.

  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,073
    SoD wasn't a let down for me and I don't think it's much worse than other games in terms of writing. I mean, let's be honest, Baldur's Gate games don't have stellar writing in general. It's decent, and SoD is decent. My biggest complaint about story is ending - that was pretty repetetive and uninspired for me. Expansion has quite unique atmosphere for me (like each game has, maybe with exception of TotSC) - it was kinda like a mix between BG1 and ToB.
    I finished it once and I didn't even talk to Mizhena (I played as cartoonishly evil assassin, who doesn't bother talking to those inferior, puny humans with no divine essence within them :wink: ), so I don't feel like any "SJW propaganda" was pushed down my throat.
    So, yea. I recommend it.

  • stu-kstu-k Member Posts: 31
    Kinda late to the party here but my 2 cents.. I've been playing BG when my friend gave me 5 CDs to load and have loved it ever since. When Beam released Bg:EE1-2-& SoD for Mac (years later) I bought them and have played on & off since. My first impression of SoD was the improved graphics. It was almost a shock at first but after an hour or 2 I got used to it & love it. I also love the improved dialogue. Makes it a little more like table play. I haven't seen where anything has been 'shoved down my throat'. Don't understand where we can play a game where we're basicly KILLING stuff to improve char, but get upset about a dev. NPC design.

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