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[HOW TO] Install SCSII on your iPad

PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
1) Download the latest SCS exe.
2) Connect your iPad to your PC usign iFunbox (there's somewhere a step by step guide for this).
3) Copy the whole BGIIEE folder of your iPad into your PC.
4) Open scs.exe (or whatever is the name, but the .exe file) with winrar, and extract it into the folder called you previously created.
5) Open the stratagems.ini file and edit the string "Run_Silent 0" into "Run_Silent 1"
6) Launch SCS and install it (use the english language).
7) Choose every option you like (In BG1EE you better skip some of them). Don't bother with the party easy of use AI since you won't have a keyboard in your iPad.
8) Once the installation is over, use iFunbox to copy the whole content of the "override" folder of your PC into the "Characters" folder of your iPad (under library). You better copy 100 files at a time (When I tried to copy all of them at once, I had issues).
9) Launch BG2EE in your iPad.

When you'll meet the first genie, answer "I press the button".
You'll meet an ogre magi, and if he's going to be a PITA you'll know that SCS is working :D

If you still have problems, remember that someone could simply zip his "Characters" folder and send it to you, so the only thing you should do is to copy that in your iPad (but you won't be able to choose the options).



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