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Last Chance to Visit a Classic NWN Server - Server Closing Announcement


It has been running almost 24x7 since 2007, it is one of the most smoothly scripted servers ever made, it is huge with 1337+ areas to explore, and it is closing in less than 30 days [donations failed to keep up with our modest monthly hosting costs, and so we are closing our server].

Direct Connect to our NWN server at or read all about it on our wiki

or our forum

Argentum Regio is a very D&D style server in a custom setting, and it will close on March 18th 2019. If you have never visited it is worth a look, the systems here dovetail and help bring to life all your favorite classes and races. If you have not visited in a while, come have one last run, save your PCs and say farewell to your old friends.

I am the founder of the server, and, along with Eriniel [our totally awesome Lead Scripter] have been enjoying the building of the server. I greatly enjoyed the scripting, design, writing and DMing that I've done here in the last 12 years (15 really as it was 'in dev' for a while before the debut in 2007). You are all welcome to come see what more than a decade's "labor of love" has created. If you are a first time visitor, be sure to run the tutorial area.

Be well. Game ON!




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