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Ctrl+J: J is for...

I'm addicted to the CC commands. If I'm level drained, I could memorize [Lesser] Restoration, rest, cast it, and probably rest again because fatigue. Or I could Ctrl+R. If I've misplaced an important item, I could go look for it, or I could just create a new one. And if I don't want to wait for my party to simply walk somewhere, I press Ctrl+J.

But why J??? Why J. I mean, I like to think of Ctrl+R as casting Restoration. So now there must be some reasoning behind the J. So sayeth the wise enqenq. But I can't decide if J is for Jump or Jaunt. And this has bothered me for years now. HELP ME!

Ctrl+J: J is for... 20 votes

AndreaColomboShYarivFlashburnNoonBalrog99NeverusedlolienJaheiras_WitnesssemiticgoddessSkatanmegamike15StummvonBordwehr 12 votes
Jan Jansen's Instant Family Escape Gizmo
Timbo0o0o0ThacoBellsmady3Girewansmyth25IseweinStromael 7 votes
Just who the hell spends time fussing over this???
Raduziel 1 vote


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