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What are Simulacrum (Simulacra) levels if made by single classes, dual's or multi's? (bug?)


A sim level is described at 60% of the casters level.

If I make with sorcerer: level 31:
the sim is level 19 : (where 60% of 31 is 18.6) : So .4 a level difference.

If I make with berserker 9>30 mage:
the sim is level 9>27: (where 60% of 30 is 18) :So 9 level difference.

If I make with fighter 24 / 20 illusionist multi:
the sim's levels are 16 /12: (where 60% of 24 is 14.4 and 60% of 20 is 12) So 1.6/0 level(s) difference.

It doesn't look like its based on experience (60% of 3750000 for mage 20 is 2250000 which is mage level 16), and looks like the single class and multi's sims are pretty close to expected (between .4 and 1.6 level difference). The main one is dual class at 9 levels difference from expected.

As always welcome any pointers or insights on how it works or otherwise.

Thanks you!


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