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SoD characters stops every few steps ..

SouplesseSouplesse Member Posts: 97
edited April 2 in Troubleshooting

I’m playing Bgee/SoD with bgee npc, Scs, atweaks, tweaksantho, RR.

First bug, ok i just kill Sarevok after all his minions, but nothing append and I’m stuck here forever.

I load this « final save » in SoD but I have one problem with my character and Dynahier (Khalid, Jaheira, Safana, Minsc are fine)! They stop every few steps, don’t cast... I can’t autosave « cause I’m in dialog mode » I can’t rest either....
I read few posts about script problems, I have atweaks and Scs scripts but no one is on ....

I just notice that my pointer (my mouse arrow) change every few seconds like if I’m clicking on something !

Everything is bugged in SoD but worked fine in Bgee ! I’m lost

Édit : v2.5.17.0

Édit : it not the first time I play SOD, but it’s the first time on this version!


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