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Android Modfile for BG:EE PLS (

TeclaTecla Member Posts: 11
I'm back to playing BG1 again on the latest update 😩

If anyone's able to provide me with a mod pack, that'll be great. I'd like to have these mods...

BG1 NPC Project
- without portrait changes
- without starting locations changes

BG1 Unfinished Business
- all components

BG1 Romantic Encounters
- all components

- Make Protection from Normal Missiles affect some magical projectiles
- Reintroduce potions of extra-healing
- More realistic wolves and dogs
- Improved shapeshifting
- Make party members less likely to die irreversibly
- Allow BG1 NPC pairs to separate
- BG1 NPCs go to inns
- Skip the Candlekeep tutorial sections (2nd option)
- Move Boo out of quick access and into Minsc's pack
- Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads
- Remove blur effect from displacer cloak
- Ensure Shar-Teel doesn't die in the original challenge
- Initialize AI
- Smarter general AI
- Better calls for help
- Improved Deployment for Parties of Assassins
- Relocated bounty hunters

Lefreut's enhanced UI 

Journal Fixes

Accessible Console Command Mod

Tweaks Anthology
- Weapon Animation Tweaks
- Fix Boo's Squeak
- Make Magic Shields Glow
- Use Character Colors Instead of Item Colors
- More Interjections
- Make Cloakwood Areas Available Before Completing the Bandit Camp 
- Add Bags of Holding
- Bottomless Bags of Holding
- Reveal City Maps
- Weapon Styles for All
- Change Experience Point Cap (remove completely)
- Wear Multiple Protection Items
- Lightning Bolts Don't Bounce
- Max HP at Level One
- Higher HP on Level Up (maximum)
- Remove Fatigue from Restoration Spells
- Sensible Entrance Points

- Chatty Imoen (without portrait change)
- Coran's BG Extended Friendship Talks
- Xan's Friendship Path
- Garrick's Infatuation
- White
- Gavin
- Drake
- Vynd
- Verr'Sza


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    Hi @Tecla, welcome back. No probs, I will see if I can get it done today but it is Easter and have some family plans. If not today, I will try for tomorrow.

    Happy Easter

  • TeclaTecla Member Posts: 11
    Thanks a lot @Gusinda

    I hope you have a good time! Happy Easter to you too 😁

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    edited April 2019

    All done with some changes.

    No longer in SCS, installed from Tweaks Anthology.
    - Move Boo out of quick access and into Minsc's Pack
    - Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads (this component is no longer a standalone, I installed it using Tweaks Anthology but is now part of Increase Jewelry, Gems and Miscellaneous component)
    - Remove blur effect from displacer cloak
    - Ensure Shar-Teel doesn't die in the original challenge
    - Make party members less likely to die irreversibly
    - Allow BG1 NPC pairs to separate
    - BG1 NPCs go to inns

    For these items, they are installed by default when installing Initialise AI:
    - Reintroduce potions of extra-healing
    - Make Protection from Normal Missiles affect some magical projectiles

    Lefreut's enhanced UI - wasn't sure which skin you wanted so I took a chance at the BG1EE skin.

    There is a known fault when using SCS RC10 and Lefreut's enhanced UI, so I used SCS RC9 which also has a UI fault but is fixable. I moved the fine tuning button up to a blank area which will allow you to access the difficulty sliding bar.

    Unfortunately the size of the modfile is too large for Beamdog (have a max of 50MB and teh modfile is 128MB), so I have uploaded it to Zippyshare. I think there is 30 days before it is deleted but I will keep the modfile on my system until 2.6 has been released. Then there would be a new requirement to reinstall the mods anyway...

    Attached here is the WeiDU.log and the main file is: Edit - See below for updated files

    To install, unpack the file into:
    where will sit in the same folder as baldur.lua and the override folder is unpacked and sitting off the Files folder (ie: Files/override).

    If you have any problems, just let me know. I did a quick test just to see if the UI was all fine and the Console access worked.


    Edit: Updated files below

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  • TeclaTecla Member Posts: 11
    edited April 2019
    @Gusinda thank you for the file. I just tested it out and I'm having a small issue with the tutorial skip component on SCS. The app crashes whenever the guard tries to talk with my character. I'll try to see if it's another mod conflicting with this or something.

    Edit: Yeah it's definitely just that component. I have to avoid talking to the guard or letting him talk to me to not crash the game. Is it possible to remove it?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    edited April 2019
    @Tecla, give this a go. The 'Skip Candlekeep' component has been removed. the files are attached or linked here. I will delete the ones above just to keep it all a bit clean.

    Main file: Edit: Update below
    WeiDU.log attached


    Edit: Update below

    Post edited by Gusinda on
  • TeclaTecla Member Posts: 11
    @Gusinda dang... looks like the game just crashes every time I try to talk with an NPC. Not sure what's going on since I thought it was the Skip Candlekeep component 🤔

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    Hi @Tecla, I think I have found the problem. It seems to be either 'Lefreut's enhanced UI' or a mod that is conflicting with it. Whenever the dialog box changes to something else such as when it is going to an NPC dialog script, it crashes. Though it might have just been the fonts but when I took those out, the problem remained. Lefruet doesn't have an Android device (that I am aware of), so I will see if I can find the exact prob when time permits.

    I removed the Enhanced UI, and took the liberty of replacing it with the EEUITweaks mod, components are mostly the improvements (like Journal, spellbook) of what Lefruet has in his UI Mod plus some others. It seems to work okay in the limited testing I did. I also added some other 'features' with the mod, but have a look and see if you like them or not. If not, I can remove them; they are noticeable (like transparent sidebars etc), so shouldn't take long to evaluate. I also added back in the Skip Candlekeep component of SCS.

    Main File:
    WeiDU.log attached.

    If you have other problems, let me know.

  • TeclaTecla Member Posts: 11
    @Gusinda omg thank you so much!!! It's finally working without any crashes. Looks like it was the UI after all... nonetheless I appreciate your help on this. I like the new features you added in and they seem to work pretty well so far.

    Thanks again 😊👍

  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 89
    @Gusinda I did everything here, but I keep getting invalid text strings when people talk. The file is still zipped. Am I supposed to unzip it? This seems like the perfect mod I'm looking for.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    Hi @Allanon81, no, keep the packaged.

    If you are getting invalid strings, it will be the dialog.tlk.

    My initial thoughts are that you might be playing with other mods installed. In the first instance, rename any previous override folder and make sure there isn't any other .zip in the folder other than (this includes the package downloaded, it should be stored in another area and unpacked into the Files folder). This would confuse the game. Also make sure you don't have any 'lang' folder hanging off Files (ie: /Files/lang).


  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 89
    @Gusinda No, I took the old override out first and then put this one. I just upgraded to My other posts were based on me using 1.3. So that was where my trouble lay. In 1.3 I was able to decompress the patch.obb file and insert the new dialog.tlk and dialogf.tlk files and only had trouble with it crashing in certain areas. And that was with the previous mod you gave me. So now I upgraded to and uncompressed the patch.obb, inserted this posts mod recompressed with no compression, (all this using my phone, Total Commander and RAR apps) went into the patch.obb file to delete some language files I'll never use, then further erased parts of a file in order to bring the patch.obb file to the exact size as the original unmodded patch.obb. Booted up and everything was perfect except when spells are cast it crashes. Is there another mod just like this without any spells being modified that you can give me with SCS implemented as well? I'll give this another shot, maybe I messed up somewhere. So I guess there is no need to pack the dialog files into the patch.obb?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    Hi @Allanon81, there is no need to touch the .obbs any more. That is only as a last resort and only with BG2EE (if requried) because it is still the previous version. And yes, trying this modfile on the 1.3 version wouldn't work because the dialog.tlk is specifically for

    All that needs to be done to use this is to unpack the modfile into the Files folder. This is after making sure no other mods are installed first of course (but it looks like you are fine there). You should end up with:

    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/override (folder unpacked)
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/baldur.lua (file which should already be there)
    Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/files/ (file - do NOT unpack or repack)
    and any other folders you may have like portraits etc.

    After that it should be a case of just playing. You are likely required to start new games as you older ones may not work.


  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 89
    edited May 2019
    @Gusinda I did everything right, getting invalids. The file is in files folder, with override, etc. I guess I'll try fiddling with the patch.obb file.

  • TeclaTecla Member Posts: 11
    @Gusinda hey, the mod pack link expired. Just got a new device and wanted to play some BG, is it possible if you could reupload the file for a bit? :)

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,696
    @Tecla, sure no probs...

    Link: (Zippyshare - I am guessing here that you are having no problems with the popups; if so let me know)

    Attached is the WeiDU.log

    Also let me know if you are getting the invalids.


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