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opcode 236 Image Projection, is it possible to cast a spell on the projection ?

cromignecromigne Member Posts: 7
Hello, I'm a begginner in modding and I am trying to create some customed spells and kits. I want to create a monk kit with HLA based on the mod refinements.
I'd like to create a spell called "shadow clone" (like a simulacrum but completly black and with other modifications), but I really don't understand the explaination of the opcode 236 Image Projection :

"Note: When creating an image for use as in Mislead, the image will have a script assigned, with scriptname of 'CASTERSCRIPTM' where CASTERERSCRIPT is the death variable of the casting creature."

Does it means there is a way to change the script of the casted creature?


  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,131
    edited May 7
    In the EEs you can do all sorts of stuff, thanks to opcode 321. I've made some pretty intense changes to Simulacrum in the Tome & Blood mod. I've made all of the 'clone' spells - Mislead, Project Image, and Simulacrum - make Simulacrum clones, but the two at lower levels have restricted spellcasting: Mislead clones can only cast 1st-level spells, abd PI clone can only cast up to 3rd-level spells. I also made a 9th-level version which is just like Simulacrum, but the clone is full-strength, not level-drained to 60%.

    How to do such things? There are two things to remember:

    1. Any effect in simulacr.spl gets applied to all Simulacrum clones. So you can add effects to this spell, just be aware any changes will affect the wizard spell as well as your monk HLA.

    2. More importantly, any permanent effects on the caster at the moment of the clone's creation get inherited by the clone. This lets you do lots of stuff. It's how I prevent the 9th-level clone from being level-drained, and how I deny acess to certain spells to the lower-level clones.

    Want to make the clone black? Apply color changes to the caster with timing mode 9, via a subspell or an .EFF with its parent resource set; then have an effect that creates the clone; then have a 321 effect cancelling the earlier subspell. The color change will be almost too fast to notice on your monk, but it will be inherited permanently by the clone.

    I think that's how to do it.

    EDIT - whether you can change its script that way, I don't know. Me I probably wouldn't mess with the caster's script with this method. But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try!

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 1,957
    The scripts it refers to are set on the clones of non-controlled creatures, because it wipes all script and dialog entries for the clone. Since any clones created by player-controlled characters will also be under the players control, their is no need to give them a new script. The method @subtledoctor mentions can be used to set scripts on such clones if needed however.

  • cromignecromigne Member Posts: 7
    @subtledoctor Thank you! This is the idea I was starting to have. I think I'm going to look in your mod's SPL files how it works. I hope the spells are still called with the same names so I can find them without too much trouble.

    Here are some of the ideas of what I want to do, I am open to suggestions or explanations about things I might have not considered.

    -I think I'm going to create a monk kit based on the druid class (or fighter/druid maybe). Why druid? because I don't care about the thief-like monk's abilities and I want to give him acces to a list of customed spells. Druids have acces to the "priest book" and don't have extra useless buttons, unfortunately they only have 2 weapon slots. I could also just go with innate abilities... but I want something a bit different.

    -I know the fist weapon is binded to the monk class, but I saw what @subtledoctor did in the might & guile mod and I will probably take inspiration from that (by inspiration I mean a lot of ctrl-c ctrl-v, if it's fine with you)

    -I have to erase all druids spells... is there a spell somewhere that does that? In Faith & Powers for example?

    -HLA will be inspired from refinements, they are so good in this mod. I wonder if I should change them to priest spells too...

    I have some other questions:
    -When I create a spell or an item A that cast another spell B that I created, I COPY my spells with weidu in the override folder, then I make the reference from A to B with near infinity, and finally I export the file A in my mod folder. Is it a reliable method or does it only work because my mod is the last one I add?
    -For @subtledoctor again, the feat system is great, is there an easy way too do something like that for my monk?

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