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Forgotten Realms Cormyr

Hail Roleplayers!

Forgotten Realms Cormyr or FRC is a Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying community who come together to play in the D&D 3.0/3.5 setting of Cormyr the Forest Kingdom in the Forgotten Realms through the Neverwinter Nights.

FRC was founded in 2004 by DM’s Justicar and Usurper to provide D&D players with an online roleplay home where a gaming experience can be enjoyed with the feeling of a table top pen-and-paper game. After 15 years FRC is still going strong and we’d be happy to have you with us!

You may become part of the FRC Community by joining us in game through Neverwinter Nights Multiplayer, in this forum, or on our FRC Community Discord server.

Our forum may be found here:


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