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Fighter/Mage gets mage spells at fighter level

Similar to this IWD bug report, my BGEE fighter/mage just hit 8000 XP in each class, levelling to 4/3, and gained spells consistent with a 4th level mage despite only being level 3 in that class.

For mods, I only have UB and the tweak anthology installed. While the tweak anthology is set to alter spells to P&P, at level 3, it should make no difference. The fact that I got them when I levelled as a fighter also suggests that the mod has nothing to do with it. Does anyone have a clean install with debug mode enabled that they can test this on? I'd really rather not uninstall/reinstall the mods in mid-game just to test, as that's not a good idea in most games (not to mention it's a fairly long process). :neutral: Or should I just go ahead and file it properly on Redmine based on the unlikelihood that either mod is causing the issue?


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